US: Trading Ethiopia for Geopolitical gain

BY KFLEEYESUS ABEBE For a year long, Ethiopia has not only been suffering just from the war caused by terrorist TPLF group but also from the indirect and coordinated attack of Western... Read more »

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in the footprints of Ethiopian patriots

BY FITSUM GETACHEW When a few days ago the Ethiopian premier joined the war front in the current battle against the terrorist forces of TPLF and Shene, many began to compare this... Read more »


The officials recently gave stern warning to some international news organizations reporting from Ethiopia to clean up their act or else! There have been calls for something to be done about these... Read more »

Putting Ethiopia First

It is fair to say that Ethiopians from the past have been effective in instilling the idea of putting the nation first throughout the generation. If you try to see beneath its... Read more »

U.S. as a launching pad of terrorist TPLF agents, plots

BY ADDISALEM MULAT As Ethiopia intensifies its fight and begins to push the terrorist group out of the Amhara and Afar states, the United States and its allies have been moving heaven... Read more »

The American Hypocrisy

We are in an exciting time. Be it an idea of good or evil, anyone can broadcast his/ her idea to the world, at least for a while. From the fake breaking... Read more »

The Dust is in the Evil Eyes!

 “Ethiopia Under Relentless Attack by Western Media Houses Promoting US Military Intervention” That’s how one non-Ethiopia site put it. Africans on the continent and elsewhere are rising up to the fact that... Read more »

Watch where you try to put ‘THE KNEE’

 Ephrem Endale  Contributer  There is one glaring fact about us Africans. We don’t know that much about each other. We are strangers to each other when it comes to history, culture and... Read more »

Africa is awakening to Western media’s lies

BY ADDISALEM MULAT As always, the U.S and some inappropriate international media outlets have been perplexing the international community with fabricated stories. Their propagandas have shown no sign of slowing. To everyone’s... Read more »

Countering Western hybrid warfare on Ethiopia, a call of time

BY KFLEEYESUS ABEBE It is no secret! No more hidden! It is now visible to the naked eye. If you connect the dots and try to understand what is really happening in... Read more »