Pan-Africanism: A spiritual weapon against Western neocolonialism

As Ethiopia’s fascist invasion in 1936 galvanized an international response in support of the Ethiopian people, so does the current neocolonial machinations against Ethiopia to impose a kind of American-led covert invasion... Read more »

Ethiopians inland, abroad intensify fundraising to relief government’s economic burden

The world is vividly aware that patriotism is not a new concept for Ethiopians. Ethiopian patriots are always ready to fight for sovereignty of their country recognizing the peace and security of... Read more »

——– Like parent like child——–

With embezzled money, Pampered, we grew up Fed milk, butter and honey. We were sent For better education abroad To be different from those That hail from our abode, Even country and... Read more »

Outwitted, displaced by a terrorist

With no more Domineering air Forking his dirty fingers On twisted-horns -bearing greasily hair Soot-greased devil Sitting on a Squeaky old chair Pensive said “Oh my God Oh my God Expansionist, bellicose,... Read more »

The brutality of our mentality

(Africa’s Poetic tigress) Worship me i am God Bow down or my rod, Live solely on my vomit Else i confine you to a limit; The brutality of our mentality! Keep mute... Read more »

 Extracting treasuries from belly of Ethiopia option to reinforce macro economy The agrarian led economy would no longer be the main drive force for Ethiopia as time demands to foresee, practice optional... Read more »

China-Africa cooperation extending into eco-environment sector

The 8th Ministerial Summit of Forum on China Africa Cooperation is smoothly underway in Senegal, Dakar. The summit has given due attention to one of the cooperation areas, eco-environment sector. Indeed, the... Read more »

Ethiopia,the indomitable force to fend off neocolonialism’s blow

Developed countries, to ensure the sustainability of their selfish development, designed schemes to achieve the objectives of economic superiority for them and impoverishment of the poor countries. The playgrounds for the political... Read more »

Government’s measures to build strong economy that cope up with effects of the war

Currently, the government and the people of Ethiopia are under unwanted war against both inside and foreign forces. The nation is fighting different fronts including the war with the terrorist group and... Read more »

Controlling Borana drought impact by mobilizing meher season straw, fodder

BY DARGIE KAHSAY Ethiopia’s neighbour, Somalia declares a national state of emergency last week as worsened drought affects the human and animal food security of the country. According to reports, Somalia’s 80... Read more »