Ethiopia comes better regarding mining sector

Currently Ethiopia faces bigger challenges in which it had ever experience in its long history. However, the country has never lost any hope to get solution and the people also remain optimist.... Read more »

The war underway in the northern part of Ethiopia, its impingement on the economy

The Ethiopian Defense Force has made the punitive action against the terrorist TPLF in Tigray that is lasted for over 8 months so far. As per it was disclosed by the Prime... Read more »

Congratulatory message of Ambassadors

Congratulatory message of Ambassador of Russia H.E. Mr. EvgenyTerekhin on the occasion of NEW YEAR  The New Year 2014 is approaching. On the eve of the holiday, it is customary to sum... Read more »

A New Year Message from H.E. Demeke Mekonnen, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ethiopia

Dear Ethiopians, It is with immense pleasure when I extend to you this Ethiopian New Year message on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. As a manifestation of changes... Read more »

Managing indoor, outdoor air pollutions to halt pollution driven death, disease

A Research by National Data Management Center for health (NDMC), Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) on July 2020 announced that 278,288 deaths attributable to household air pollution from solid fuel were reported... Read more »

Citizens urged to raise vigilance in heritage protection amid conflict

ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Heritages Trustees Association called on the general public to be vigilance in protecting the country’s heritages in the ongoing conflicts in the northern Ethiopia. Ethiopian Heritages Trustees Association General... Read more »

Ethiopia’s looming COVID-19 third wave poses serious threat

. Ministry warns citizens to take firm precaution  ADDIS ABABA- Ministry of Health has announced that third wave of coronavirus has reached at alarming stage as new variants are rife much more... Read more »

Authority employs new technology for Coffee export, contains illicit acts

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority disclosed that it has been carrying out various activities to get coffee trading technology oriented and contain illegal coffee trading. Authority Director General Adugna... Read more »

“Adversaries’ mere interest to weaken Ethiopia”: Scholar

ADDIS ABABA – Some interest groups are exerting undue pressure on the government of Ethiopia under the guise of ensuring peace and tranquility in the country mainly for their hidden agenda, scholars... Read more »

Terrorist TPLF destructs Nifes Mewucha Commercial Bank

ADDIS ABABA- Terrorist TPLF has robbed and carried out deliberate destruction of commercial bank of Ethiopia Gabriye Branch found in Amhara state of NifesMewucha town killing bank security officer. The bank Manager... Read more »