Promoting construction sector to foreign investors


The construction industry is growing rapidly across the globe. This is also the case in Ethiopia where the booming construction sector and its impact on the overall socio-political development have shown significant improvement in recent years. Some sources indicate that millions of people are directly or indirectly working in the construction industry.

Recently, the 10th Addis Build International Construction, Steel, Construction Materials, and Infrastructure exhibition was held here in Ethiopia from October 9-12, 2019.

Khalid Abdurrahman, State Minister of Urban and Housing Development on the occasion said that basic infrastructural constructions like road, industrial parks, energy, water supply projects and the likes are rapidly expanding in the country and opening the door for construction sector boom.

Hence, this kind of exhibition has its own contribution to the enhancement of the industry. Above all, the exhibition has an open gateway for the holistic economic development of the country.

Ameha Same, President of Ethiopian Contractors Association said on his part that the exhibition is expected to further strengthen the input supply chain through creating marketing linkage. This is an opportunity for construction professionals, investors, and manufacturers to see the dynamics and development of the construction industry across the globe and take a lesson in terms of knowledge, technology, skills, and experiences.

Many international construction companies have also attended the exhibition. This has brought an opportunity for Ethiopia’s construction companies to initiate and make deals with international companies.

This has also been echoed by participants of the exhibition. They said it has provided them with the opportunity to acquire more innovative ideas for and indigenous construction art.

For this to happen, the government is ready to support stakeholders in the construction industry. What matters the most is the stakeholder commitment to run the construction projects as per standards, State Minister said.

One of the major challenges of the construction sector is the shortage of construction input supply. The exhibition in this regard is a platform to attract foreign investors to come and invest in the production and distribution of construction input supply, said Ameha. Many of the exhibitors are international companies that have experience in the construction industry.

Haymanot Tesfaye, Manager of Ethel Advertising and Communication Plc, one of the organizers of the exhibition said that around 97 international construction companies that came from Ethiopia, Turkey, Germany, India, China, Iran, Kuwait, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Quarter, Pakistan, Oman, and Ukraine have taken part in the exhibition.

All in all, they came up with 22 new construction products including, security fences, concrete pipe, iron, metal and steel products, pre-engineered buildings, electrical products, latest technologies, and other products from the construction sector of respective countries.

As to her, the number of participants has increased significantly from last year.

The Ethiopian Herald October 17, 2019