Media cautions us of the world’s hottest issue

That is unheeded by me and you.

We lag behind dollar race

Or we fail to go at a good pace.

Its area of contention is irreconcilable

The magnitude of the greed is unbelievable.

All fight to scramble for the undeserving loot

They tumble a brother of the same origin and root.

Each stretches out to grab the wealth in sight

Stepping on fellow man and denying him the right.

The right all should enjoy without inhibition

Or which shouldn’t be forestalled by retribution.

With little input amassing high profit

The genuine is replaced by avaricious counterfeit.

The few haves have climbed up the tall wealth ladder

They sit on top of it and feel so much gladder.

The multitude are considered unjustly irrelevant

Trampled are their interests; their cries irreverent.

Showers of blessings prefer on the rich to fall

While the poor aren’t as favored as them at all.

With their motto ‘Money is power’

In praise of their riches, they erect a tall tower.

Yet the poor standing under such structure

Observe their demise and their existence in fracture.

No matter how they try, yet bit by bit

The unfortunate poor never get over it.

Who’s really concerned? Who cares for the poor?

They’re forgotten and swept aside for sure.

Life with the poor daily tightens its noose

Harsh labor earns them bread; that’s all they can use.

Tell me my brother, how can I reach there?

Where humans are equally treated and where I enjoy fair share.

Acting in a just and honorable manner is civilized enough to create sound and dependable relationship between man and man for enjoyable and fruitful coexistence. When such relationship is realized justice is placed at its right place where all desire to behold it. There lies the courage and time to proclaim “Justice is served.” The assortments of Political, economic and human rights dispensations, in accordance with the human values, are all the world desires earnestly and relentlessly labors day and night to achieve it. Each and every individual aspires to enjoy fair and perfect share of all the good, edifying and benefiting things the world offers. Beyond such universal measures, everything becomes a conglomeration of the bitterest side of life, utterly difficult or impossible to dwell there.

The Ethiopian Herald Sunday edition October 20/2019