Mawlid: A celebration of great meanings in Ethiopia


Ethiopian Muslims will celebrate tomorrow the 1494th Mawlid festival, which marks the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

The twelfth day of the Arab month Rabi ‘al-Awwal represents a special day that reaches the point of sanctification in some Islamic and African environments, which coincides with the birth of the Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah, and this year coincides with Saturday November 9.

Although the occasion coincides with the timing and the reason, the revival of this day varies from one Islamic environment to another, especially in Ethiopia.

Thousands of Muslims in Addis Ababa in particular mark the festivity at Grand Anwar Mosque with prayer ceremonies and spiritual songs honoring the Prophet.

President of Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council Mufti Hajji Omar Idris has called up on the Muslim community to mark the day with special attention of people in need of any assistance.

The Mufti said that the celebration of the birth of the Prophet’s birthday plays a vital role in promoting the exchange of scientific and cultural views in various spheres, religious and social, and in solving social problems by feeding the poor and the weak, and providing relief to the poor and the orphans, children and women.

He also urged the Muslim community to celebrate the festivity by keeping the doctrines of the prophet by sharing love to each other and doing good deeds and helping the poor among others.

Approached by the Ethiopian Press Agency, the Imam of Grand Anwar Mosque, Sheikh Taha Mohamed Haroun said that that Mawild is a day of joy and pleasure and the day God brought the nation out of the darkness of ignorance and misguidance to the light of Islam and on this occasion is celebrated all over the world and in Ethiopia.

Sheikh Taha also stressed that all participants in the ceremony and across the country to stand by the weak and the poor to provide the necessary support and mercy by feeding food, and urged participants to visit patients in the hospital. He pointed out that when the Muslims celebrate this joyous day, they should adhere to the Prophet’s teaching about tolerance, love, solidarity, cooperation and pardon, and promote the participation of peace and stability.

Sheikh Issa Sheikh Mohammed, the chief justice in Asla, said that the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is a purely religious occasion for Muslims. The celebration also shares the love of the Prophet and the moral values he has taught.

Sheikh Issa stressed that peaceful coexistence among Ethiopian nationalities is continuing effectively. Despite the diversity of religions and nationalities, there is no obstacle for Ethiopians’ peaceful coexistence.

He says that Islam prohibits fanaticism and extremism and calls for religious tolerance and coexistence with other religions.

Haj Ahmed Jamal Abdul Rizk from South Silti says that peaceful coexistence in Ethiopia is exemplary.

Mr. Radhi, who came from the region of Aqaqi, said that peace can never be overlooked and that Islam promotes tolerance, reconciliation, affection and compassion among diversified society.

“We have been created to live in peace, security and tranquility. Learning, spreading culture, peace and building societies, and activating the country’s economic, social and political recovery” he said.

The Ethiopian Herald November8, 2019