Prime Minister Abiy Launches Second Green Legacy Campaign at Hawassa City

ADDIS ABABA (FBC) – Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has officially launched the second national tree planting campaign at Hawassa City planting trees with high ranking government officials at federal and regional levels.

During the launch of the tree planting campaign, Prime Minister Abiy said the country’s development journey will not be hindered by the coronavirus pandemic.

It is stated on the occasion that the national planting campaign will also be commenced nationally in other places.

Saying that the coronavirus is the global threat at this time, the Prime Minister added the country is committed to meet its set target in planting 5 billion trees adhering to COVID 19 responsive measures.

According to the premier, the launch of the national tree planting campaign has been commenced nationwide at a day when the globe is celebrating the World Environment Day 2020.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, while announcing the launch of the second green legacy campaign in televised message, said the green legacy initiative is critical to Ethiopia’s aspirations to build green and climate resilient economy. Ethiopia is set to planting 5 billion trees till the end of this rainy season.

The Ethiopian herald June 6.2020

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