ACB launches campaign for next global fund strategy development


ADDIS ABABA-The African Constituency Bureau (ACB) for the Global Fund launched an advocacy campaign “African Voice for the Global Fund” to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria that will last for at least 7 months.

In a press release sent to The Ethiopian Herald, ACB announced that the advocacy campaign underway after 8 weeks of consultations with African Countries.

The campaign aimed at raising awareness on the consultations and priorities in order to educate the public, garner support and drive conversations within and outside the ACB.

The campaign also targets raising advocacy for the inclusion of the identified priorities into the next Global Fund Strategy and for effective implementation.

The African continent, with around 16% of the global population, 24% of the global burden of disease and 1% of global health expenditure, is critical to the global community’s vision of attaining universal health coverage (UHC) and ending HIV, TB and malaria by 2030.

Perhaps no area of health is this truer than on the HIV, Tuberculosis and malaria front, where the continent is the epicenter of these epidemics with around 70%, 25% and 90%, respectively, of the global burden, according to the press release.

“The attainment of the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number three – healthy lives and wellbeing for all – including ending HIV, TB and malaria by 2030, therefore, will have to be fought and won largely on the African continent.”

Accordingly, as the Global Fund launches the development its post-2022 strategy, it is critical that the focus on the African continent is sustained for impact and to ensure the gain made hitherto are sustained.

Currently, consultations across the globe have begun towards the development of the Global Fund’s post-2022 strategy to ensure that gaps, recommendations and projections in the HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria responses are adequately reflected.

ACB is comprised of 46 countries that are in either the Eastern and Southern Africa Constituency or the West and Central Africa Constituency, each of which holds a voting seat on the board of directors of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

The Ethiopia Herald December 20/2020

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