Ethiopian woman’s reverence to an intelligent and a compassionate leader


Cordiality, compassionateness and love are among the salient characteristic features of Ethiopian women. They do not only feed their motherly affection but they are also congenital heroes by themselves and they give birth to heroes.

Many hero women were there during different centuries; Ethiopian women have the potential to lead a war, a family and a nation. Those women know not compromise on national interest. They teach the same to their children. Always, in the peace-nurturing-and–brokering role such mothers attach priority to a nation and the people in general. To some up, women mirror a nation’s image.

Strong women always place special focus on children they see as successors on whom nation depends. That is why many economically poor mothers give preferential treatment for their children even if they have not any monthly income. Such mothers foreshadow coming days.

The picture above depicts a mother figure expressing gratitude kissing the forehead of the prime minster, to whom Ethiopians owe too much. In so doing she didn’t forgot to put on a facemask. Nowadays, the public have a common understanding about the use of facemask which is a key means for combating the Common Pandemic, COVID-19.

However, the mother figure used the facemask but forgot keeping the physical distance in her yearning to express gratitude. This shows that Ethiopian women entertain much appreciation when someone becomes a hero and when a citizen engages in notable activities. It means that no challenge bars mothers’ ambition to be done, that is why the woman tightly held the PM’s head by both hands.

But, it does not mean that putting on a facemask does not mean any value it rather is playing a crucial role for parrying communicable diseases which are transmitted by breaths such as common cold and COIVD-19.

The motherly gesture of kissing on the forehead is congratulating an accomplished individual for his intelligence, love of citizens, and vision, Such a leader protects the family and nation from harmful activities while the sense is towards remarkable outcomes. The mother also held a grass and put on the promise ring on her left hand’s finger; the grass represents the greenery while the ring the vested hope of change by local community.

Likewise, prime minster is seen bending from his shoulder with filial obedience to receive the tankful and respectful gestures from the mother. Such activities are no surprise in the long history of the nation,. Rather the practice is commendable and expected to manifold significances. It means that each generation is able to protect the values of elders, and create strong linkage, partnership, among others.

It is to be recalled that the prime minster gives high value to females in general and parenthood in particular. He greatly admired Ethiopian women who managed to fight different challenges and became winners. He as well emphasized the prediction power of them, that is why he reminisced when I was a child my mother said to me that ‘I’m sure one day in the future you will become a prime minster.

The Ethiopian Herald February 17/2021

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