Opening doors for genuine media, humanitarian act is a timely step!

No matter how trying and negligent the fictitious propaganda produced against the law enforcement operation in Tigray state is, the Ethiopian government has been carefully managing everything and continue rebuilding the state and assisting fellow citizens.

Essentially, it is a prudent decision that a number of media houses have been banned from entering the state since there were clashes here and there and faction firearms provoked by Junta remnants. They were purely embargoed for the sake of their peace and wellbeing.

Since things have come back to normal, the media are now fully allowed to enter and review whatever they like. Thanks to the relentless efforts of the government to handle things wisely.

Actually, the entire circumstances in the state are progressively improving as a result of the coordinated efforts the federal government and state’s interim administration.

Yes, coordinated activities are now well run to rehabilitate the state and help assist the society affected by the massive destruction of the irresponsible Junta members.

What should be well focused on at present is capitalizing on taking the state to the new chapter to help citizens enjoy being well backed with peace and stability.

Hence, any media whether local or international as well as humanitarian assistance providers and aid agencies can confidently visit every area in person in Tigray and report the reality on the ground.

It is well recognized that the U.N. employees haphazardly passed two checkpoints and were trying to go through a third one when they were fired upon.

However, they were told in some areas that they were not supposed to move. Nevertheless, they indulged themselves in a kind of perilous expedition, which was not fair and acceptable.

 Interestingly, since doors are open now for media and organizations working on humanitarian assistance, those who are willing to visit the area and act accordingly can operate fully. Aid workers, NGOs, humanitarian assistance or aid organizations can fully involve in the response to the assistance, too.

As government’s highest priority has now been ending the suffering in Tigray and across the nation, all doors are open to anybody to act accordingly and legitimately do whatever they prefer or can.

Besides, the United Nations and international relief agencies have been called for working in collaboration with the government.

The government of Ethiopia has relentlessly capitalizing on it and states and city administrative councils continue supporting fellow citizens in Tigray as aid and support must not be left at a standstill.

It has been standing ready to deliver food, emergency shelter and other essential materials to the needy. And full access for humanitarian actors is being guaranteed as the subjects themselves have witnessed this fact.

The federal government has led a well-coordinated framework and worked with the U.N. and others to extend humanitarian assistance. Besides, all media houses and international community are entirely allowed to get in Tigray State

Hence, independent media and human rights groups have had ample opportunity to verify claims on all sides, or to independently assess the situation.

The UN, the US, the EU, and several other international organizations and human rights groups have repeatedly called for to make assessments and deliver food and other humanitarian aid.

In a nut shell, all media houses are expected to genuinely report what the reality on the ground is instead of emotionally propagating what they wish to happen.

The Ethiopian Herald February 26/2021

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