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The Ethiopian Diaspora community is calling for large scale campaigning to organize demonstration against the international media coverage and the spreading of misleading and provocative reports about Ethiopia recently.

They are calling up on all Ethiopians all over the world to use all possible tools to stop the international interference in the internal affairs of the country.

Civic and advocacy groups in the USA, Europe and Canada will hold a formal meeting to jointly launch global public relations and fund raising campaigns, Neamn Zeleka, an active defender of the Ethiopian interest in the Diaspora stated.

According to him, the first phase aim of the global campaigns is to retain lobbying and public relations firms to advance Ethiopia’s strategic interest.

The Diaspora all over the world urged the international community and global higher officials to filter facts from fictional stories – not act as advocate. They are also questions the Washington administration’s echoing one sided propaganda concerning the conflict in Tigray region of Ethiopia and other internal affairs.

For the past couple of weeks, Ethiopians residing abroad were busy defending the image of their nation from the massive disinformation campaign launched by the remnants and cliques of the TPLF junta to thwart the government’s law enforcement operation in Tigray state.

After accomplishing their national duty of giving the right information about what was going on at home they have now turned their face towards another big national agenda, the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

Ever since the launching of the construction at the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Ethiopians in various corners of the world have been making relentless contributions in many ways.

For 10 years now the construction has continued smoothly with the usual active participation of compatriots abroad.

Without being inhibited by lockdown due to the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, as well as limitations due to distance, Ethiopians residing in Canada and the USA have held seminars online.

Accordingly Ethiopians in Canada have carried out an online discussion under the theme “Our Dam, Adwa of Our rime”.

The discussion was also a moment for resource mobilization to the construction of the dam. The forum was organized by Ethiopian Embassy in Canada and Coalition for GERD in Canada.

Addressing the forum Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General Selamawit Dawit lauded the compatriot’s efforts to provide financial support and active participation in the public diplomacy endeavour. She further urged the citizens to uphold their participation.

“Both the victory at Adwa and the construction of the GERD are phenomena through which Ethiopians displayed their unity,” said Dina Mufti, during the online forum and urged the diaspora community to further continue their activities of leaving their fingerprints in the projects which is”the Adwa of the time.”

Commending the generous and love of nation motivated contribution of the Ethiopians in Canada, Nassise Chali, and Ethiopian Ambassador to Canada, said there would be another forum dedicated to mobilizing resource for the GERD.

During the Forum GERD Project General Manager Engineer Kifle Horo and researchers on the dam Dr. Samuel Tefera and Mekdelawit Messai have presented discussion briefings. Responding to questions raised by participants the researchers have given explanations related to the second round filling of the dam, silt prevention, the reason behind the lower basin countries objection to the filling process which they agreed on before.

More than 128 thousand Canadian Dollar has been raised during the occasion.

In a related development Ethiopians residing in the USA have also held an online forum where they pledged to provide professional and technical support as well as actively work on advocacy works to realize the construction of the GERD.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the USA Fitsum Arega on the occasion explained the progress of dialogue on the GERD, the adverse narrative of Egypt and Sudan, the role of the diaspora in the construction of the dam.

He further called on the diaspora community to uphold their efforts by contributing studies about the dam, thwarting disinformation and contributing finance. “Ethiopians at home and abroad should stand together for the unity and development of the country and avert the challenges coming from various directions.

Member of the council has also pledged to maintain their national interest through delivering professional services in the construction of the GERD, environmental protection, health and other sectors.

The council is established to mobilize Ethiopians at home and abroad to streamline project that can assist local development endeavours.

Meanwhile, training has been given for diaspora media coordinators on digital diplomacy and the role of the diaspora.

Dereje Worke, who resides in the UK and is the founder of the Ethiopian International Coalition, gave the training. The training focused on the growth and impacts of digital diplomacy, internal and external factors that expose Ethiopia to international pressure, the benefits of collaborating with the Diaspora as partners in public diplomacy, how to promote the country’ image through social media, among others.

The Ethiopian Herald 4 April 2021

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