Nation renovating junta-ravaged infrastructure

ADDIS ABABA – A number of activities have been undertaken to restore the junta-ravaged infrastructure during the law enforcement operation in Tigray State of Ethiopia and the renovation works are believed to thwart bottlenecks in providing humanitarian assistance during the upcoming rainy season, said Command Post Coordinator stated.

Tigray State Interim Administration Command post coordinator, Lt. Gen. Yohannes Gebremeskel said that a long journey has been trekked to rehabilitate and sustainably assist the population exposed to a range of problems due to the occurrence, a lot remains to be done in due course of maintaining TPLF junta- ravaged infrastructure.

“In the state, a number of activities have been carried out to restore many bridges, roads and infrastructure with a view to safely rehabilitatingconflict victims, but the task has become very challenging as the damage on roads and bridges is immeasurable one,” he added. restored.

“As the rainy season is approaching this time around, we have to deal with various tasks as promptly as possible in order to soothe the burden people might encounter in relation to the rainfall. Hence, we all have to move in a well-coordinated manner to help assist the conflict affected people before the summer season sets in, as the assistance has been provided to all community members of the State because everyone is at stake to get whatever they need following the destruction of the crucial infrastructures connecting the state with potential market areas.

According to Lt. Gen. Yohannes, though the government has been endeavoring to help rehabilitate victims and rebuild the sate covering 70 percent and reaching out to the unreached with foodstuffs, medication and clothing, opening additional centers is becoming compulsory since the existing ones could hardly suffice to address all the needy.

The problem needs the combined effort of all, and everyone has to take care of their country and citizens recognizing that no one would benefit out of conflict and war, he added.


The Ethiopian Herald 30 April 2021

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