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So the saying goes, “Better late than never,” the Ethiopian government has now expressed its commitment to reply to societal peace queries. Yes, three years in tense and threat are too long for the society to endure swollen challenges.

One is most definitely tired of imagining the destruction magnitude and enumerating loss of life anti-peace and anti-development elements have caused for the last close to three years in Ethiopia especially following the reform.

The prime actors in one way or another are those who were in power once and their accomplices, Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) and Shene which have been orchestrating ethnic and religious oriented conflicts born to the ‘divide and rule’ strategy of TPLF led administration.

Ethiopia through its Council of Ministers listed the two insurgent groups as terrorist organizations due to their activities revolving around equipping anti-peace and anti-Ethiopia elements via arming, training, financing and finally pushing them engaged in killing innocent civilians and destroying immeasurable properties.

The activities they have been carrying out hence fully comply with the explanation of terrorism under Article 3 of Proclamation No. 1176/2020 on the Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism Crimes. Yes, Council of Ministers’ resolution to designate the TPLF and Shene as terrorist organizations is a timely and accurate measure to be taken.

It is strongly believed that the measure will add incomparable value to the effort geared towards ensuring national peace and help the country conduct the upcoming elections in a peaceful and stable manner. Undeniably, the two organizations have been relentlessly working since recently targeting at attacking innocent civilians to twist the change trajectory with which all Ethiopians have been provided after an arduous struggle to withdraw the TPLF Junta.

Besides, the lives of a number of innocent civilians had been claimed, many have been made amputee, numerous properties and assets have been destroyed, a number of citizens displaced from the area they were born and grown up following the irresponsible and ill-intended attempts the two groups have been shouldering particularly since the inception of the recent reform.

Furthermore, these and other well-orchestrated conspiracies have resulted in developing a recurrent threat among the general society and eroding their trust upon the government and even towards one another.

The rationale behind all these destructive measures is to attain hidden political objective and meet partisan mission via attaching innocent citizens and damaging infrastructures via assigning a number of infiltrators and anti-peace elements.

Behind the attack, there are groups who have supported the mess with plan, financial support, material supply as well as human resource training even providing with media coverage. It is also obvious that there are foreign forces who would like to destabilize Ethiopia, weaken its potential and get it collapsed.

All the diabolic activities and destructive moves these two groups have been carrying out are purely terrorist acts as they are laboriously working day and day out to make Ethiopia restless.

Designating these organizations, member as well as supports is of paramount importance in easily containing and better controlling the destructive moves thereby getting them fully accountable.

The resolution, upon approval, is going to be put in place upon organizations, individuals, who do have association, ideological share, and intension of collaboration, have links with or relate to the ideas and actions of the designated terrorist organizations and others who have engaged in similar activities, shouldering mission or practical deed as per Art, 23 of the 1176/2012 proclamation.

The measure taken is a timely and viable decision as it is of paramount importance in holding members and supporters of these organizations accountable for their terrorist activities, designating the organizations as terrorist organizations according to the law is deemed more practical to better control and prevent acts of terrorism. Everyone is looking forward to witnessing practical actions along this line.

The Ethiopian Herald May 4/2021

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