The motive behind the recent escalation of protracted conspiracy on Ethiopia by western powers

It is very interesting to note that Ethiopia’s allies in the western hemisphere are hundreds of times concerned about the relief and rehabilitation and human rights situations in Tigray only. All these situations are also visible in areas affected by TPLF’s atrocities but Tigray appears to be the only case in the priority of concerns for the western powers these days.

The Shene- TPLF- Sudan and Egypt conspiracy network is now being assisted by escalated pressures by the US-EU alliance on weakening the political order in the country and to discourage Ethiopia from completing GERD and also from conducting the 6th National Election which is just at the corner. Contrary to the recent UNSC Statement on the situation in Ethiopia, some western officials are surprisingly busy trying to pressurize Ethiopia to enter into a political dialogue with the defunct TPLF.

The officials seem to deliberately gloss over the fact that TPLF has conducted unconstitutional election about six months back and has also issued a non-recognition manifesto on the legitimacy of Federal Government of Ethiopia which in turn annulled both the election and the legality of the regional government.

A valid dialogue is understandably needs to be conducted between two legitimate political entities with a view of resolving outstanding differences and points of disagreements. In the first place TPLF has conducted a massacre on a restive Northern Command and its leaders are facing the courts of law accused of treason on the country while its fugitive forces are still engaged in a blood shed on honest Ethiopians in Tigray. Besides, its lackeys are killing citizens based on ethic identities. So, what is the justification for the suggestion made by western officials to start a dialogue with TPLF?

To begin with, the very idea of dialogue with politically dead organization like TPLF emanates from utter disregard to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia and its peoples. US national interest and its quest for national security can be understood as a foreign policy priority for the nation but it should not be pursued at the expense of Ethiopia who is striving hard to ascertain peace and economic development in the country.

Indeed current trends indicate that the issues of relief, human rights violations in Tigray are being used by some western countries as a window dressing for their desire to reinstate TPLF as a political force and to dictate the trends in political developments in Ethiopia as part of their desire to control the entire Horn of Africa and in tune with their political interests and ideological priorities.

Speaking of the dialogue with TPLF, THE Ethiopian government has repeatedly called for dialogue only to be rejected by TPLF which was hoping to control the entire country through a nationwide military putsch. In addition, the government has dispatched religious leaders and prominent elders in the country to make peace with TPLF which was again rejected.

The point now is why are the western powers calling for a dialogue that was categorically rejected by TPLF? Is this some sort of a change of attitude by few TPLF leaders who are on the run or a political call to disrupt the political system of the country contrary to the recent UNSC Statement which clearly indicated what is to be desired. While only a month is left for the conduct of the national election, the ideas of a dialogue is absurd and irrelevant.

The major western countries called for investigation into the human rights violation in Tigray which was accepted by the Ethiopian government which deployed the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to work with the UN Human Rights Commission. Ethiopia and Eretria have already started to process the withdrawal of Eretria forces from Tigray.

Regarding relief and rehabilitation operations in Tigray, the government is already supplying more than 70 per cent of relief food while a handful of NGOs and relevant UN agencies are providing less than 30 per cent of the supplies. What is the point of issuing a barrage of statements of concerns on the need for relief support in Tigray while their relief support is just at the minimum?

Apart from the official conspiracies that are run by the so called western developed countries, the international media consortiums and their local representatives are busy misinforming the world about every issue that is related to Ethiopia depicting the country as a hotspot of horror and misery.

The country is facing the most heinous conspiracy theory in the history of the country. Even during the period of the Derge, they have never formed a joint conspiracy against the government that claimed to follow Marxist-Leninist ideology. They are cooperating with every sources of information they think is good as long as it contributes to the defamation of the peoples and government of Ethiopia.

These media companies excessively report and are busy discrediting the gains of the national reform program that is underway in the country. While a lot of development programs are going on in the country, they choose to exclusively report on the situation

 in Tigray and GERD. They never accent anything positive on Ethiopia but are ready to capitalize on unfounded rumors and false information without caring for any level of verification from government authorities. They violate almost all principles of professional journalism as long as it serves their defamation campaigns.

It is clear that the western partners of Ethiopia will find it very difficult to see strong and self-sustained country of independent citizens. Ethiopia prefers to work in partnership with these countries but they prefer to keep the country as dependent as ever to make Ethiopia stay in their political orbit of influence.

Recently a group of 5 American senators appealed to the US representative for Horn of Africa Affairs to do all he can to disrupt the 6th National Election to be held in Ethiopia in utter arrogance to create chaos and total confusion in the country as part of their desire to seek weaker Ethiopia that would be humbled and made subservient to the sole interest of the US. US officials who profess that their country is the hallmark of democracy are calling for the disruption of legal and official democratic election in a partner country.

 It is very dangerous to underestimate the scope of the current conspiracy on Ethiopia. The form of the conspiracy could take the form of political assassination attempts on the leadership of this country as pervious international experience of many countries show.

Addressing the peoples of Ethiopia on the occasion of Easter, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has noted that Ethiopia will successfully resurrect from mountains of falsehood and lies that are being fanned on the country in witness of the entire world.

The destiny of this is not and cannot be determined by any level of influence from elsewhere. Those who wish or dream of seeing Ethiopia disintegrate into banana republics may do everything at their disposal but their dreams will just remain as dreams.

Incidentally The Council of Minister has drafted a proposal to be submitted to the HPR for the designation of Shene and TPLF as terrorist forces pursuant to Proclamation 1176\ 2020. This would totally rule out the proposal by western powers to pressurize Ethiopia to conduct dialogues with terrorist organizations operating inn foreign lands and within Ethiopia.


The Ethiopian Herald May 4/2021

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