The young Ethiopian Patriot living abroad

 “The Renaissance of Water” is the title of an article by a young Ethiopian American, Amen Gashaw. In her article Amen states about Abbay River, and Ethiopia’s reason to build dam on it.

Her works have a lot of values to Ethiopia and its people at this historical moment. The country is found in a series of political and economic changes that are accompanied by serious challenges like local instability and external pressure.

Among the biggest challenges is the one posed by lower riparians of Nile, Sudan and Egypt, to stop the country from finalizing the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

In addition to the issue of GERD, Ethiopia is also confronting the international community due to the law enforcement operation carried out in Tigray State against the TPLF.

As the government is undertaking all the necessary measures to clarify misunderstandings surrounding the GERD, the law enforcement operation as well as many national and international issues, the role of citizens at home and abroad is also of paramount importance in correcting such misguided views of the international community.

In this regard Ethiopians in Europe have established an association entitled “Defend Ethiopia” to thwart such threats against their homeland. In addition to the efforts made by associations, Ethiopians in various countries are also waging unreserved efforts to build the image of the nation, and fend of campaigns against the interest and sovereignty of their nation.

One of such compatriots in the diaspora is Amen Gashaw. Born and raised in the USA, Amen a first year student at Harvard University. Alongside her education she writes on diverse issues of her interest. Among such topics she gives due attention to explaining the interests of Ethiopia like in the cases of the GERD.

“Years of geopolitical and resource subordination, thus, have placed Ethiopia at a vast disadvantage. A mere 30 percent of the population has access to ready electricity for non-essential tasks despite being the most populous landlocked country in the world, and 55 percent rely exclusively on wood for food preparation”, Amen explained in her article entitled the Renaissance of Water.

In addition to this Amen also writes about racism, pandemic, patriotism and many issues that touch the benefits of her parents homeland as well as that of many developing countries.


The Ethiopian Herald May 4/2021

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