Upcoming rainy season promising to fill GERD

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopia would take advantages over upcoming and promising rainy season to secure the 13.5 billion cubic meters for the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) , A Water Engineer said.

A Florida based water resources expert, Tirusew Assefa (Ph.D) told local media that as to this year’s weather forecast, rainfall amount this summer are expected to be more than average based on the International Research Institute (IRI) of Columbia University rainfall outlooks. In addition, satellite-based rainfall observation in past month to two have shown to be about 150 to 200 percent more than normal setting up great hydrologic condition this summer in the Nile basin.
He added that the second round filling of the GERD will have no effect on the downstream countries; instead it will probably solve the problem of flood that may happen to Sudan. The weather forecast clearly indicated that the second phase filling will have no cause no significant harm to the downstream countries, Tirusew explained.
Egypt, on the other hand, has a sufficient amount of water at the moment as the High Aswan Dam (HAD) is in great condition in terms of the volume of water stored. April water storage in HAD stands the highest in 30-years foro the month according to Tirusew. “The Sudanese swift change of stance regarding the project is dramatic as they were noting that the project will bring considerable economic and environmental importance”, said Tirusew.
The filling will have significant importance to the Sudanese trend of operating their dams as they typically store water in September. Ethiopia has recently released a reasonable amount of water from the reservoir to avoid shortage of water. Egypt and Sudan are opposing the construction and operation of the project whereas Ethiopia is committed to realizing this project as it has considerable economic significance, it was learnt.


The Ethiopian Herald May 6/2021

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