EU’s latest decision puts bloc’s credibility in doubt

ADDIS ABABA- The European Union’s (EU) cancellation of sending its election observation mission to Ethiopia’s 6th General Elections undermines the bloc’s credibility and puts its expressed commitment to democratic culture in question, chairperson of the Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) said.

Speaking to the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA), TDP Chairperson Aregawi Berhe stated that EU’s measure would not impact the credibility of the election result mentioning that government’s and contending political parties’ commitment to democratic elections and their adherence to the results matter most.

 “The EU used to observe TPLF-dominated EPRDF’s five sham elections and had not taken any measures in the regime that suppressed the media and imprisoned political party leaders and claiming 100 percent seats in federal parliament.” Accordingly, the bloc’s cancellation of deploying its observation mission in the upcoming Ethiopia’s General Elections did not come from its commitment to ensure a democratic culture.

Noting preparations are well underway to peaceful execution of the June 5, 2021 General Elections, Aregawi stated that the EU decision seems to be influenced by its sympathy towards the criminal TPLF clique. TPLF and its associates have capitalized on the western corporate media for disseminating misinformation and it is evident that the block’s decision is influenced by paid-up lobbyist group. The EU should realize that its decision is wrong and failed to take into account the current situation of Ethiopia and expected to correct its mistakes, the chairperson stated.


The Ethiopian Herald May 13/2021

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