Relief Society of Tigray, partners donate tractors worth 41.6mln Birr to farmers in Tigray

ADDIS ABABA— With the financial support from USAID; CARE Ethiopia and Relief Society of Tigray (REST) have purchased 20 tractors with a total cost of 41.6 million Birr to help support the agricultural works in the region.

The tractors will be distributed to 6 geographically comfy weredas of the region, which are highly affected by desert locust or by the current political crisis. As the rainy season is getting closer, more than 14,280 farmers will be benefiting out of this by ploughing on average 3,570 hectares farming land and enhance their livelihood, REST announced in a statement.

The tractors will be deployed with full accessories like plowing disc, harrow disc and the salary of 60 tractor operators for 4 months. As the conflict in the region is continued,  lives of millions are under threatening of starvation if they are not able to plough their farm lands in the main summer, REST said. “This support will ease the existing disaster and save thousands lives. REST would appreciate and thank our donors who are being the side of our society” the statement said.

The Ethiopian Herald June 9/2021

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