Scholars urged to use modern diplomacy that elevates sovereignty, dev’t of Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA— A discussion forum held at Addis Ababa University that scholars have to carry out activities that elevate the sovereignty of Ethiopia and enhance its development through modern diplomacy.

Public universities consultative forum discussed today modern diplomacy, national identity, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), and sustainable development of transboundary natural resources at Addis Ababa University. During the discussion, the disruptive activities of some countries to hinder Ethiopia’s efforts to use its natural resources were mentioned.

As these activities challenge the sovereignty of the country seeking indefatigably to find solution requires the knowledge and wisdom of scholars in particular. Addis Ababa University and Public Universities Consultative Forum President, Professor Tassew Woldehana said diplomatic activities regarding the country’s sovereignty and the GERD should not be left to Ministry of Foreign Affairs alone.

Universities have to come up with nationally and internationally acceptable and better policies that could be formulated and implemented, he stressed. The president further pointed out that scholars should not only attack unacceptable acts against national sovereignty but fulfill their responsibility by bringing lasting solutions.

Scholars have to utilize modern diplomacy to carry out activities that elevate the sovereignty of Ethiopia and works that enhance its development. Science and Higher Education State Minister, Mulu Nega said the role of scholars and diplomacy in safeguarding the country’s interest and pride is crucial. The state minster urged universities to meet their responsibility in producing competent and able diplomats.

Professor Kassahun Berhanu, a legal and political scientist who presented discussion paper on modern diplomacy and the objective situation in Ethiopia, said diplomats should carry out strong foreign relations tasks that take into account international and regional laws as well as good practices. He stated that scholars and diplomats need to draw from experiences of countries to challenge inappropriate external pressure.

Commenting on the US demand for the negotiation between the federal government and the organization it designated as terrorist, Professor Kassahun said the suggestion of the Americans calls to mind the stand of the U.S. President Abraham Lincholn that rejected calls of negotiation. The Americans with such history are, nonetheless, coming up with unacceptable preconditions, he noted.

The Ethiopian Herald June 9/2021

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