An election that breaks years of glass ceiling

 Last Monday, Ethiopians from all walks of life went to the polls to elect their representatives in the 6th historic general elections. In fact, Ethiopia is no foreign to elections. The country under the watch of the previous administration held five general elections but they usually were nothing but bogus ones. The polls were dubbed as a one party race with complaints of vote rigging and cheating. This trend however came to an end on Monday for good with the country conducting the most peaceful, free and fair election. This is a longtime coming for a country that waited years for a democratic and free election.

The 6th general election has not only given Ethiopians the voice but also silenced the cacophony of the self-proclaimed master. The massive voters’ turnout and completion of the polls peacefully proved doomsday tellers wrong. Yes! Ethiopians broke the glass ceiling of wrong narrative that Africa cannot hold a democratic election. The poll sets a solid example for the rest of Africans. With this being the reality, some media outlets and groups continue to be blind to the hard fact.

Holding peaceful and fair election amidst so much external noises is indeed great accomplishment. This should not only be a success we the Ethiopians should cherish, the whole world need to remember for years to come. The truth is neither unintentional disinformation nor sinister propaganda can blacken the sparkling ray of democracy. Ethiopians now have their voice heard. The people in unison have spoken loud and clear, they have chosen sovereignty over subjugation and democracy over autocracy. In the near future, Ethiopia will have a democratically elected legitimate government. And, to try to discredit the credible poll is to deny Ethiopians’ sacred rights and to perpetuate reminisces of colonial era mentality.

The 6th general election has been peaceful, fair and free even in the western parameters. This is at least what the African and international observer teams have proved. This is a time for some foreign forces to accept the reality and work together with Ethiopia to make sure that the positive signals of democracy are kept blinking.

In spite of the organized media attack against the country, Ethiopia has fulfilled the years of unfulfilled wishes of Ethiopians. And, the 6th general election was only the cherry in the cake. The country has been going through strings of multifaceted reforms. It was these reforms that laid the cornerstone for the leapfrogging progress registered in the election and other national undertakings. The Ethiopian government and the people are well aware of the opportunities and pitfalls to be overcome. And, conducting a democratic and peaceful election is the first rung to do in this regard something Ethiopia did last Monday. Accordingly, the international community should respect the will of the people and continue supporting Ethiopia’s democratization process.

Of course some elements are still immersed in an obstinate denial of the reality. And they tweet that the election did not see huge public participation. These elements are nothing but psychopathic persons to say the least. The AU Election Observation Mission indicated that in the sample polls it observed there had been high voter turnout.

The Ethiopian Herald June 25/2021

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