Didn’t defense souls count?


Hello, influential foreign forces, hello bandits’ allies,

We do have one motherland, it was, has been, will be grand.

With our effort, unity, coexistence and unique cultural brand,

It’s a peaceful one, a friend of all, diligent and frank,

Without a subdivision of east or west bloc,

Solely focuses on its sovereignty, national interest,

Understandable, focused and premeditated

You have definitely known the Junta added fuel to fire,

Even shouted loud to attack Ethiopia, either on land, or on air,

They themselves commenced the fight,

Touching the untouched inviting generals at night,

Did you forget it, or calculatingly ignore,

Who started the war?

Where does the measure emanate from?

Where did your courage and gut root?

After over thirty years keeping quiet,

Many have been abducted, killed and even


Yes, countless were buried alive,

Tortured, harassed and coerced,

Now vividly clear your invisible hand,

Let me ask you a question,

As you yourself has practiced in a democracy fashion,

Or does it only for developed and their allies,

Give me a prompt response,

Is there any country, a sovereign nation that can provide?

Void attention when their unwavering fence—life guard is attacked and slaughtered,

Could an over 120 year tie be infringed or dry?

Merely following the looting and stubborn TPLF try,

Here is the fact, here is the reality,

The looting groups would like to oppress citizens,

Embezzle the public as well as country,

Always playing a lapdog function,

Its ultimate means to dismantle the country,

Was killing influence generals after giving festive meals,

 Simultaneously launching slaughtering scheme,

At 200 strategic places including the Northern Command,

Let’s talk frankly who were by their side,

I don’t know who was there,

But can infer something from your act,

You might be well informed about the fact,

There is no way for the Junta to survive,

It is irreversible even for leftovers to revive,

Please know that the country-less Junta is absolutely guilty,

Divorce your marriage with the dead body,

You won’t be beneficial from this greedy,

It is a corpse, a dead body,

Surprisingly, you are excellently misled by chameleons,

Whose benefit has got dried?

Driven by a mad guide,

Let it be you might forget the barbaric assassination of the brave,

Who can wind and capable of penetrating the tide,

With visionary leadership and bright guide,

 Ethiopia conducted a successful election,

It is going to fill the dam next,

To declare its renaissance, beef up development.

My mom is a peaceful strategic and ever-green site,

It has thought always right,

For neighbors or other states of the universe,

Framing a win-win channel or course,

Ethiopia is marching against poverty,

Establishing a tie with any nation or global entity,

But with no compromising its sovereignty,

It is not surprising that you have forgotten the compressive mess,

And national demise you Junta had committed,

You can forget all, who did wrong, with whom and what,

However, never forget the slaughtered national mainstays,

No generation excuses this treason,

By any means,

Was your ally right?


Didn’t defense souls count?

The Ethiopian Herald June 25/2021

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