“Our eyes will remain fixated on the renaissance dam”: Air force Commander

ADDIS ABABA (ENA) – Ethiopian Air Force Commander, Major General Yilma Merdassa said “we are protecting the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam without riveting our eyes from it.”

He added that the Air Force is ready to attack any force that seeks to dismantle the country at any time and place in accordance with the order given by the government.

Major General Yilma Merdassa told ENA that the external pressures and provocations associated with the dam have been Ethiopia’s current challenges.

Foreign forces, which do not want to see Ethiopia’s growing influence in the region, have been putting pressure on the government in collaboration with traitors,” he said.

He explained that the major aim of these forces is to stop the dam built by the Ethiopian people and render it useless.

In this regard, he said the successful completion of the second round filling of GERD has special meaning for Ethiopians.

The achievement demonstrates what the government and the people can attain when they work together, the commander stated.

According to him, the successful filling of GERD filling has created special feeling for the Air Force that protects the dam day and night.

“The Air Force is well aware of the possible external threats on the dam. Thus we will fulfill our mission of safeguarding the dam without lifting our gaze from the dam even for a moment,” he said.

Major General Yilma Mardassa recalled that the contribution of the Air Force was instrumental in striking the terrorist group TPLF when the government carried out the law enforcement operation in Tigray region.

“It has repeatedly tried and failed to destroy the country. Yet the terrorist group is trying hard to meet its goal,” he noted.

Therefore, the Air Force is ready more than ever to attack forces trying to destroy the country in line with the direction of the government.

Major General Yilma pointed out that the Air Force is in a better position and psychological ready to reverse any threat against the country.

The National Defense Force is reorganized as an independent force free from political partisanship to protect Ethiopia’s sovereignty, he added.

The Air Force Commander said it was possible to produce competent manpower that suits the current situation through the reform activities carried out.

The Ethiopian Herald  23 July 2021

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