Demanding additional humanitarian corridor: Crooked request

Ethiopia has opened doors and allowed any humanitarian actors to facilitate conditions to citizens in Tigray declaring unilateral humanitarian ceasefire. The government has also permitted any organization, which is willing and capable of delivering assistance to the affected state, to freely move and do whatever they like solely centering humanitarian assistance.

Earnestly thinking of citizens in Tigray, the federal government exercised unilateral ceasefire and adjusted conditions accordingly to well soothe the pain of its citizens.

The terrorist Tigray peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) however is not in a position to entertain the means devised by the government to help assist citizens in need. Worst even, it broke the major route, a bridge, which has played an indispensible role in distributing assistance of all sorts to citizens at Mekele and its environs. As a result, things are getting worse and worse. Hence, it is the terrorist group which is purely accountable for every mess.

Terror syndicate TPLF has not genuinely accepted the decision of the government and orchestrates futile attempts towards fellow citizens at Tigray though the government has been optimistic towards meeting humanitarian desires.

Be that as it may, it has requested additional corridors to attain hidden mission. Hadn’t it had a concealed agenda, the terrorist group wouldn’t have asked such an illegal question setting the good thing done so far aside. Those in the cloak of humanitarian organization are presenting the crooked request on one way or other.

Ethiopia’s sovereignty has to be well recognized, and the international community has to well understand its stance with regard to peace and its sympathy for humanitarian assistance. Either the US or UN has to be by the side of this sovereign nation as it has been endeavoring to defeat poverty. They do not have to be partisan haphazardly receiving unfounded allegations and falsehood fabrications puffed by terrorist TPLF remnants.

 Mainly, claiming additional humanitarian corridor at this time is a joke as the already allowed ones are enough to well address all the required humanitarian assistance to the people of Tigray.

Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been committed more than ever before to declare independence in terms of social, economic and political spheres. However, the international community has seriously pressurized it for unknown reasons.

The Junta has also been applying a number of activities and tools to influence Ethiopia through the international community, but this does not work as the real judge is solely the Ethiopian people.

We had lived in a world of essentially unchallenged sovereignty for several generations now, and begun to think of it as the natural state of affairs. However, the idea of states as autonomous and independent entities has been infringed by the stubborn stance of global powers, which is not expected to happen in the 21st century.

Besides, the international community, European Union, UNHCR, the US, among others, overstep their authority for everything, which in turn challenges a sovereign nation. It is Ethiopians right and Ethiopia’s intention to consider just how internal affairs are to be managed.

If the terrorist Junta would like to come up with peace for people and development, it needs to accept the idea of the federal government like pushing members accused of treason to surrender to the government and appear before law as well as the terrorist should wholeheartedly accept the unilateral ceasefire without prerequisites. Otherwise, spontaneously claiming additional humanitarian corridors holds a conspiracy against this great nation—Ethiopia. Before coming to requesting more doors, let terrorist TPLF keep the safety of the already given ones such as in Afar instead of interrupting the smooth flow of the humanitarian assistance to the people of Tigray.

The Ethiopian Herald August 3/2021

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