Veterans rewarming to confront terrorist TPLF alongside the ENDF


Veteran Ethiopians and their juniors have expressed support to the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF). They rallied last Friday in support of the ENDF and to denounce the terrorist TPLF. The veterans incorporated from former infantrymen, navy, air force, para commando and police forces reaffirmed that they are rewarming once again to annihilate the junta that currently is threatening the existence of the country working together with foreign enemies.

The rallies also criticized some international media and NGOs for influencing Ethiopia standing beside of the terrorist TPLF junta. The veterans heard saying that they are determined to combat Ethiopian enemy allies.

“We will never be refrained from confronting the enemy that took many lives and suffer several people in a heinous attack and displacement,” the veterans underlined.

One of the rally coordinators and former national army 18th Mountain Division Commander Major General Merdasa Lelisa said on the occasion that the veterans are ready to provide moral and tactical support being on the side of the ENDF in the frontline to confront the junta that is working to dismantle Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia is a united country in which its citizens are committed to sacrifice their life for its security. We rather shall to die than confessing our country’s destruction.”

Dr. Adamu Anley who is the son of a veteran for his part noted that Ethiopian veterans who safeguard their motherland from enemies had suffered a lot dispersed across the country forced by terrorist TPLF when it took power in 1987.

Today, the U.S. and some European countries are supporting the enemy. Whatsoever, we will keep forefathers’ promises for national independence through dismantling the junta that pose a threat on the unity and security of our country.

Among the speakers, Brigadier General Kassaye Chemeda stated that Ethiopians had never been occupied any country in their history. Instead, they have shown their brevity to the world in fighting for independence and participating in various peacekeeping missions.

“Our forefathers had won victory in various battlefields to secure country’s independence. Today, their children took the responsibility to reassure country’s sovereignty through fighting with tyerrorist TPLF and its foreign allies. In fact, our major enemies are foreigners who employ quislings to achieve their missions. We Ethiopians have strong faith. There is no earthly power in this world with the ability to destroy our country,” he stressed.

The veterans have the experience, knowledge and commitment to defend their country from any attack. We have the ability to command an army from a small squad to a division so as to annihilate the enemy with patriotic zeal. There are also many veterans who have the capability to provide military training.

“We hope the government will make to involve us to safeguard the country from the junta. Let’s all get prepared to government’s call to head to the battlefield. We know the terrorist TPLFs well. They had once controlled power with the support of foreign aggressors not by their own. If the government gives us the needed military facilitations, we will destroy them. Before that, it is better them to give up.”

Terrorist TPLF is working to disturb national unity through creating gap between the people of Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia. Therefore, the people of Tigray must stand against the junta that accelerates havoc, according to Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebie.

The terrorist TPLF was labeling the national army as servant of a single regime but the commitment shown by the veterans to safeguard their country reassured that they are guardians of the country in the face of any regime change, she added.

Currently, our country is endeavoring to achieve overall progress. However the manipulators are fighting to reverse this ambition. In fact, putting hurdle on the country’s journey to reform and development is the innate character of terrorist TPLF, Adanech mentioned.

The world will respect us if we work together regardless of our differences. In fact, Ethiopians are brave. They never hesitate to sacrifice their life to secure their country. That is the reason for Ethiopian veterans’ determination to safeguard their country, according to the Deputy Mayor. These days, Ethiopians from the four corners are lending hands in the fight against terrorist TPLF.


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