Strengthening harmony fundamental to annihilate belligerents


 On 20 August 2021, demonstrations denouncing atrocious attacks of the two terrorist groups ; TPLF and Shene on civilians and the national army were held in various towns of Oromia region. The demonstrations had taken place in Assela, Ambo, Dukem, Gellan, Welliso and Holleta towns with active participation of residents and people from the surroundings of these towns.

The demonstrators have shown commitment to stand beside of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) so as to halt any provocative action on the country by these terrorist groups. Both terrorists; TPLF and Shene are enemies of the country. The people said that they will preserve the freedom they have achieved after a priceless sacrifice. They also stated that they will annihilate the Shene with the same motive and zeal they have exerted in the struggle to remove terrorist TPLF from power. “These terrorists are the historical enemies of Ethiopia. Our country’s prosperity will not be hindered by our internal and external enemies.”

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) also appreciated demonstrators. “I appreciate all those who hailed from the four corners of the country to show support to the ENDF standing beside of their motherland in preserving its security. Our country will live long safeguarded by its loyal citizens,” the premier wrote on his official face book page.

Meanwhile, Innovation and Technology Minister Abreham Belay (PhD) stated that the people of Tigray only lend hands to those who endeavor for Ethiopia’s integrity not with those quislings who work to dismantle it.

In the occasion in which the people of Tigray residing in the capital show support to ENDF through blood donation, the Minister noted that terrorist TPLF is the enemy to the people of its origin. The terrorist has been hurting the people of Tigray either by intimidating them to fight beside of it or through creating discord with peoples living in neighboring states.

Many people residing in Addis Ababa hailed from Tigray are denouncing the terrorist TPLF and supporting the ENDF for understanding this truth, he said, adding that this strong position manifested that the people of Tigray has never been negotiated on its country.

In this occasion, “The people of Tigray highlighted that they are among the people who have lend hands in the nation building process so that they have built strong national sentiment in which they never been negotiated on their motherland,” according to Abreham.

On the event, participants noted that the people of Tigray have developed strong Ethiopian nationalism and considered itself as guardian of its motherland. So that, the terrorist TPLF cannot represent this people that made clear its position standing beside of the ENDF.

Currently, many Ethiopians across the country stand against the terrorist as it has committed atrocious crimes and suppressions on its own people while it was on power. It will be better the terrorist group to give up if it has a little pity to the people it originated, according senior Brigadier General Kassa Wolde-Semayat.

As a senior military person who had served the national army for 34 years during the Haile-Selassie and Derg regimes, he has learned that the terrorist TPLF with its current position and arrangement cannot withstand the ENDF. The terrorist group does not have the militarily capability to survive the counterattacks from the ENDF, Special Forces and militias incorporated from various regions.

According to the senior brigadier general, the terrorist cannot resist a consistent fight. It has resisted till now through non-military schemes including by posing obstacles on the ENDF by forming a military lines of child soldiers and civilians to block footpaths.

Whatsoever, it is important to annihilate the terrorist groups for good to ensure the security of the country with coordinated efforts. Accordingly, the public respond to support the ENDF and other federal and regional security arrangements to this end should be strengthened, it was learnt.


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