Terrorist TPLF junta had been with us; but never been part of us


 Defending the nation is the duty of every citizen. However, the role of the Defense Forces in safeguarding the peace and stability of the nation is double fold. For that reason, every military person always considers himself/herself as the guardian of the people and, they are always ready and happy to sacrify their interest for the sake of others.

No matter what their situation is, every solider is committed to die for motherland, Ethiopia. As it was indicated repeatedly by Ethiopian National Defense Forces, there is nothing that comes between Ethiopia and its sovereignty.

When one stand for the sovereignty of Ethiopia, hunger, thirst, discomfort or other inconveniences have no places. Losing one`s life for mother Ethiopia cannot be matched with one`s personal comfort.

This is an era where Ethiopian military forces are well equipped with modern technology. For those forefathers, who fought with their barefoot, their prime reasons to march into the battle field were Ethiopia and Ethiopians. No matter how modern the invading forces were, they fought with courage and won the battle. This is the true identity of Ethiopians. Though they were equipped with traditional weapons that cannot compared with the Fascist Italian invaders, fear and retreat had never been in their heart. All they think was dying with pride to honor their country, Ethiopia.

Being in the military means, accepting and taking all the risk as well as the responsibility of defending the nation from all forms of challenges and deliver the land to the next generation. While doing this, there could be loss of life or life threatening injury. But, it does not match with the love of Mother Ethiopia.

As it was mentioned by Major Feyisa Nanecha, when our forefathers fought the invading fascist forces, they were fighting as if there is no defeat. That is why they faced the poisonous gas of Fascist Italy and sacrificed their interest. They did not think of retreating even for fraction of a second. They have left us a letter which is written with their blood.

Major Feyisa, as he posted it on ENDF web page, while fighting the enemy, several patriots sacrificed their lives. But, their loyalty and commitment has become source of an inspiration to Ethiopians to stand for national dignity.

As it was indicated by Major Feyisa, we are dying to save our nation. We are passing through difficulties to keep our beloved people from all forms of difficulties. Our forefathers did not teach us to fight with blatant promises or propaganda. Our forefathers have thought us to fight with spear and shield. They have left us a legacy of defeating all forms of enemy that challenged our sovereignty. Sitting idle while national sovereignty is threatened by terrorist is immoral and unthinkable. For this reason, we are always happy to pay all the sacrifice.

The terrorist TPLF junta has depicted its meanest nature by stabbing those hero Ethiopian military members who had been safeguarding the security of Tigrean people. Despite all the peaceful efforts of the government, the terrorist enterprise has preferred the wrong direction. For this very reason, Ethiopians have now joined hands to punish the traitor terrorist junta that stabbed members of the Defense Forces that were stationed in the North Front.

The new military force is made up of strong and committed soldiers that knew the true meaning of human right. Using all the disciplinary trainings, the military force is now repeating the deeds of its forefathers.

Ethiopians’ heart is full of love to those who respect Ethiopian sovereignty. At the same time, whoever is against its autonomy, every Ethiopian is willing and ready to scarify his/her interest for the sake of Motherland, Ethiopia. Every Ethiopian knew the true meaning of patience and sacrificing one`s interest to others.

The new enemy Ethiopians faced now is not external aggressor or invader. It is an enemy that has been with us; but it had never been part of us. It is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that had been plotting for more than two decades to destroy Ethiopia.

The terrorist TPLF Junta had been doing almost everything to disintegrate Ethiopia, but it did not achieve its goals. Thanks to the combined hands of Ethiopians and its patriot children, Ethiopian unity is still intact.


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