Upholding nationalistic sentiment

“Ethiopianness is the manifestation of our dignity, identity and unity made up of the fabrics of diversity. We always sing and strive for Ethiopia’s sovereignty,” Addis Ababa City Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebie said.

She noted this on Monday while attending the “Ethiopianness Day” which her administration is currently undertaking in the course of the five days (Sep. 6-10) of Ethiopia’s 13th month called Pagumen. According to her, these consecutive five days are respectively named as Day of Ethiopianness, Day of Obedience, Day of Virtuousness, Day of Heroism and Day of Heralding Promised Victory. Accordingly, various programs that amplify national sentiment will take place each day.

Attending flag hoisting ceremonies, tuning to the national anthem, listening to marching band and other national songs were part of the event of the opening ceremony. Though the major event took place at Meskel Square, the program rippled across the capital in ways of hoisting the national flag and singing the national anthem.

The capital celebrated the day bedecked with the tricolor. Residents of Addis put on costumes embroidered with the national flag. Some were hovering the flag high hoisted in public spaces. “I stand and sing for Ethiopia’s dignity,” was the theme of the Day.

Meanwhile, an event directly related to the Day was held at Sheraton Addis Hotel, where the Deputy Mayor attended a discussion entitled “Ethiopianness is a key that can open every closed door.”

She stated that Ethiopianness is the pursuit of truth, integrity and self-determination. The ‘Ethiopianness’ cannot be degraded by anyone; because it has been acid tested true. The sentiment is found in the cherished corner of every citizen.

“Ethiopianness is synonym to dignity that describes heroism, triumph, meticulousness, reverence to God and strong unity. It is our special mantle that manifests black victory against foreign invaders. It is our defining identity that affords us pride.”

Patriotism is embedded in the hearts and minds of Ethiopians whatever they do and wherever they live. Ethiopians scarify their lives to the sovereignty and security of their motherland. This enables them to stay intact defending identity.

Similarly, Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebie also partook in cleaning services of the capital here yesterday in line with the 2nd Pagumen celebration Day of obedience. Obedience is an honorable activity since service is part of everyone’s life. It is a virtue everybody needs to receive and reciprocate it in kind in one’s entire life. Obedience relies in the principles of honesty, decency, benevolence and homage, as to Adanech.



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