Ethiopian Ambassadors covey New Year message

ADDIS ABABA – Ambassadors who representing Ethiopia in various countries extended their wish and messages for Ethiopian New Year via social media.

Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States of America Fitsum Arega said that long with celebrating the new year, “we encourage Ethiopians in the Diaspora to help our brothers and sisters in need.” Therefore “we respectfully request those in the Diaspora to do what we can to help our war-torn, internally displaced people including the needy people in this Ethiopian New Year!”

Ethiopia Ambassador to France, Spain, Portugal and the Holy See and Monaco HenokTeferra extended his new year wish saying :“Happy Ethiopian New Year of 2014, I wish that the New Year brings peace to Ethiopia and also to all of us health and success.”

Ethiopian Ambassador to Algeria Nebiat Getachew expressed good wishes for Ethiopia’s New Year through bringing lasting peace, prosperity, and health to all Ethiopians.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Russia AlemayehuTegenu ON his part said “May Ethiopian 2014 New Year bring many blessings, peace, health, and prosperity to Ethiopia.”

In her New Year’s message, the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Director-General Selamawit Dawit said the current situation in Ethiopia requires the support of its children in various fields.

She further called on the Diaspora to continue its spirit of cooperation and unity, expand its public diplomacy efforts and landscaping activities, increase its support for national projects, and send money through legal means.

In this regard, the support of the government will remain in this Ethiopian New Year, she said.



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