School provides support to childhood cancer center

ADDIS ABABA-IMS Makeup School donated various food items including oil, eggs and detergents to cancer patients at Tesfa Addis Parents Childhood Cancer Organization (TAPCCO).

IMS Makeup School Founder Wongelawit Gole told the media, during the donation ceremony, that providing care and support for cancer patients should not be a sole responsibility of the government and that is why her school took the initiative in assisting the childhood cancer center.

She further stated that the school learned about the patients on social media and decided to visit the center instantly and provided the required support.

 “Mothers have been playing a major role in taking responsibility to care for and treat their kids in every condition throughout life. Hence, what I feel and promised during my visit is just to care for them like a mother because helping them is saving a generation and they are the next generation in charge of taking over the state with its future.”

Wongelawit called on government agencies and the private sector to assist those cancer patients and fill the gap in amenities provision. She promised that the school would work closely with the cancer organization and consolidate its support.

TAPCCO is a non-profit organization established in December 2012 to help children with cancer and their families. The organization provides both medical and psychosocial support to children affected by cancer, it was noted.



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