Supporting victims, emboldening the ENDF to achieve victory

This week, a delegation from Addis Ababa City Administration led by Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebie has paid visit to Afar and Amhara states in a bid to show belongingness and provide support to peoples affected in the area by the terrorist TPLF.

Her administration has donated 385 and 200 million Birr respectively to the internally displaced people (IDPs) in the aforementioned states. Following her visit, the Deputy Mayor held talks with Agegnehu Teshager, Head of the Amhara Regional State, and other higher officials of the State. She stated that the contribution is made to support the IDPs in Amhara Region and the army in the war front.

Adanech said, “The Amhara people in collaboration with the country’s joint forces are sacrificing their lives in the fight to safeguard Ethiopia and Ethiopians.” As to her, the people of Amhara are withstanding the incursion by the terrorist TPLF in solidarity with the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) and other local allies.

According to the Addis Ababa City Press Secretariat, the mission of the delegation is to show that Ethiopians stand by the Amhara people during this critical time and help the displaced mothers, children and the elderly people. The support is aimed at facilitating the opportunity to work together for unity and national interest.

The Deputy Mayor Adanech further said that the terrorist group’s betrayal of the national defense force had cracked open its evil identity.

Senior government officials and media managers have visited the national mission to defend the country and consolated war victims of the terrorist group and emboldened the morale of the army fighting in the front.

The senior officials and media managers also encouraged the residents who have been injured by the invading terrorist group. They have also been met the families of civilian victims. Deacon Daniel Kibret, Social Affairs Adviser to the Prime Minister, Colonel Getnet Adane, Director of Public Relations of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, and Dr. Bikila Hurisa, Head of Public Relations at the Office of Prosperity Party and various media managers from both the private and public media stations have took part in the visit to the May-Tsebri warfront.

On the other hand, some Popes and bishops of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in the United States and Canada met with members of Congress in Washington DC aimed at explaining Ethiopia’s truth about the national survival mission to the members of Congress.

The popes are also scheduled to meet with US State Department officials and senators. The meeting of the bishops with the officials is expected to help correcting the distorted position of the United States against Ethiopia.



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