Ethiopians are in new, flourishing hope

In Ethiopia, September is the first month of the New Year where the spring gives the yellow daisies blossoming and covering the hillsides and meadows in the rural areas and towns.

Yes, mountains, hillsides, and valleys are adorned with green colors depicting new hopes and aspirations in the bright New Year. We all cherish the inception of September with renewed hope and jubilation as the tribulations, the dark and chilly days of the rainy season give into the natural beauty of September.

As the yellow daisies decorating the land Ethiopians also had commissioned a new government. The world witnessed a peaceful power transition in Ethiopia and many are hoping the new government could translate the new hope and drive the nation to a new chapter in many ways.

The Ethiopian Herald, in today’s edition, is going to bring some of the messages discoursed at the new government inauguration ceremony and at the parliament.

Addressing the joint session of the 6th of House of Federation (HoF) and House of Peoples’ Representatives President SahleworkZewde said, “I would also like to congratulate you on your election as the Prime Minister, Speakers of the House of Representatives and the Speakers of the House of Federation. The five-year opening of these new houses is significant in many respects. They announce the completion of one chapter and the opening of a new chapter.

Our country, Ethiopia, has been severely tested in recent years, as if it had never faced problems before. Attempts have been made to undermine her sovereignty, her unity, and our coexistence. The cost has been huge. The sum of these struggles, sacrifices and endurance has finally got us to the current stage. Therefore, at the beginning of this new chapter, we would like to remember and honor the Ethiopian Defense Forces, women, men, the elderly and the young Ethiopians who have shed their blood for this cause. Despite the fact that our country, Ethiopia, is full of varieties in shape and sizes, the people’s representation system has ninety years of experience.

Speaking at his inaugural ceremony at Meskel Square, Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed (PhD) said, “We have a greater hope than what we have achieved so far. But the question is our commitment to achieve our goal foreseeing the glamorous future. The time is now to bring back the country to its former golden history of civilization.

“It’s our role to build our ship by restoring the base it had been built on. We need also to kick start the travel of the ship through the sustainability of the journey demands the efforts of each generation.”

According to him, the government is fully aware that citizens with low income have been suffering a lot due to inflation, and the administration will give top priority to reducing such pressures from citizens in the coming years, Abiy elaborated.

He stressed that all the stated targets will be executed by fully utilizing the implementation capacity and commitment of the new government not by simply sitting and dreaming.

“We have to well adapt to the culture of commencing and completing activities with full commitment to achieve all our ambitions,” Abiy underscored.

The PM also stressed that corruption will be taken as a security and survival threat and the new government will work on the issue with utmost priority for the years to come.

“Despite the economic reforms that we have taken by the last three years did not bring the expected change in the economic aspects of the country; the new government will work hard in creating job opportunities. Particularly, we will exhaustively give prior attention to support the underprivileged society in order to bring the desired national economic growth,” the premier asserted.

House speaker AgegnehuTeshager speaking to the House of Federation (HoF) said that the new government establishment brought new hope and new chapter to Ethiopians because the people of Ethiopia have brightly expressed their strong zeal for their unity and identity by casting their ballots in a clear demonstration of the popular desire of the nation. Ethiopians had demonstrated their unity at the polling stations by casting their ballots in an unprecedented admiration from the international community of nations.

“We had witnessed difficult situations; it has also been registering several successful achievements in the past few years.”

He said that the 6th general election was one of the events that demonstrated Ethiopians journey to democracy.

Ethiopia had prevailed through remarkable patience and tolerance activities in the dark nights and cold breeze, the people of Ethiopia cast their ballots for those candidates they wanted to elect, the sun is dawning. We are witnessing everything is going well and smoothly.

The people had celebrated supported the reform and remained sturdy even in the season of hardship and challenges, the people of Ethiopia have successfully managed to elect the party that formed the new government. The competing parties also endorsed the outcomes of the national election, which is new practice and experience in the national political affair.

The people spoke loudly, and give lessons to those who had been undermining the efforts. Those who hoped to witness, chaos and civil disturbances were forced to give in. The formation of a new government took place and the new hope and chapter commenced that is committed to serving the interest of the people.

Finally, the people of Ethiopia have formed a new government surrounded by the beauty of the yellow daisies that have carpeted the entire country foretelling their optimism in their future successes. Ethiopians will usher a new hope new chapter in their history in their ascendance to a new era leaving behind the dark seasons they have to endure.



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