The day Abiy expressed pledge to serve the people once again

On the government establishment ceremony held on Monday at Meskel Square, Abiy was heard saying that he felt an inexplicable gratitude to citizens who voted in favor of him actively engaging in “the first transparent and credible election that the nation undertook in its time-old history.”

He also appreciated the national defense forces and all security organs whom he lauded true sons and daughters striving through thick and thin to reverse the national insecurity confronting the country and the people these days.

“As a country that honors and embellishes heroes, Ethiopia will never forget the favor made by persons in need like you who reach out for it in its tiring times. Our nation will honor the icons of this generation as it did the same to its former heroes. Your sacrifice will be written in golden ink on our heart and on the parchment of history.”

Abiy also appreciated citizens for nurturing numerous heroes imbued with patience, unbearable and self-respect. The people have never negotiated on national sovereignty. “I would like to express my honor and admiration to our people which serve nation’s spears and shields, and guardians of the country,” Abiy noted.

On the occasion, the Prime Minister has appreciated Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia across the world who have never hesitated to join hands to support Ethiopia in most challenging days.

Ethiopia is symbolized as a lodestar for its altruism and ancient glorious history. As cited in the ancient holy books, Ethiopia is home of justice, equality, liberty and excellence. It is a land from where the first Christian eunuch and Muslim Sahabah hailed from, according to Abiy.

Ethiopians are described by the middle age Portuguese discoverer Pedro Alvares as people that are well-versed in justice and mediation. Ethiopians are also admired by historian Herodotus as a people with golden history and culture.

The contemporary archeologists have confirmed Ethiopia as land of origins.

Ethiopia has played a vital role in the continent during the struggle against apartheid and colonialism. Ethiopia is a unique country that cuts a cherished corner in the heart of black liberty fighters like Marcus Garvey and Du Bois, according to Abiy.

Ethiopia is also icon of veracity and African identity as described by Nelson Mandela. We have to well convey the golden history of forefathers and translate our prosperity goals into practice to convince those who challenge us today like we are not capable of walking our talks, he emphasized.

Over the past years, our country has strived to ensure democracy. All Ethiopians regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, level of education, and economic differences were demanding liberty, equality and good governance. Though the sixth general election was not free from shortcomings, it was a hit with regard to paving ways to democratic process true to the public demands, according to the premier.

On the occasion, Ethiopians from various nationalities have exhibited their cultural dances before guest of honors.



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