New cabinet shoulders overcoming challenges facing Ethiopia

The members of the new cabinet must work with a strong commitment and sense of pa­triotism to overcome the present and poten­tial challenges of Ethiopia, both at home and abroad.

Public administration researcher at the Ethi­opian Civil Service University Mohamed Ali (PhD) told Fana Broadcasting Corporate that the ministers, who received state power to serve the country, should work in light of the current challenges facing Ethiopia.

However, in order to overcome the present economic and social challenges, he said, they need to work distancing themselves away from theft, personal or ethnic inter­ests.

Hailu Nega, a law professor at Wolkite Uni­versity, for his part stated that the interna­tional diplomatic pressure against Ethiopia is one of the tasks to be focused on by the new cabinet.

Peace and Security Adviser Dr. Mesaye Ha­gos who seconded Hailu’s views said the multi-party Council of Ministers is expected to play an important role in the development of a democratic culture and in solving prob­lems.

Based on the demand of the people, Mesay said Members of the new cabinet should fulfill their responsibilities to the people and move the country to a better place.



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