Oromia State Chief promoting commercial farming

A delegation led by Oromia State Chief Shimeles Abdissa visited farmers in various parts of the State in order to promote commercial farming. The visit covers several fields including in Dugda Woreda, Teff field in Ada’a woreda and avocado producing farmers.

According to Getu Gemetu, Deputy Head of the State Agriculture and Natural Resources Bureau, papaya fruit is being produced on 1,200 hectares of land in Oromia State. The farmers are expanding their production to avocados and Teff.

He said the farmers, despite producing a large number of crops, have been hampered by unfair intervention by brokers and have not benefited from the market.

The Oromia State, in collaboration with the Addis Ababa City Administration, is working to make the Oro Fresh market system a link between farmers and the market, Getu furthers stated.

The Chief of Oromia Regional State Shimeles Abdissa, said during the visit that cluster farming has started yielding good produces in the Teff production. The state government is committed to increase the productivity of farmers at a significant pace.

It is also stated that cluster farming, which is widely practiced in various woredas, will not only increase the production and productivity of farmers, but also contributes to the prosperity of the country.

During the visit, it has been learnt that some193 farmers’ association are producing Teff on 42 hectares of land in the form of cluster farming and 4 times a year.

The Farmers say they are now working to double their previous production of Teff.

In the past three years, 6,000 hectares of land has yielded standard avocado production, said Dr. Girma Amante, the State’s Cluster Coordinator.

State Minister of Finance, Dr. Eyob Tekalign also stated the current state of agriculture is a sign of prosperity for the next five years. He said farmers have started exporting avocados in various woredas in the state.


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