Terrorist TPLF’s continued atrocities in the face of international silence


It is worth-mentioning the fact that Tigray’s People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) designated by the House of Peoples’ Representatives as terrorist organization has been rocking the northern part of Ethiopia. The invasions of Amhara and Afar states by the terrorist group have been accompanied by extreme ransacking and destruction of assets. Against this backdrop, it is creating a manmade humanitarian crisis largely disregarded by the international community.

To everyone’s dismay, the terrorist group has been undertaking crime cases in defiance of augmented international community’s self-centeredness. What is more, the terrorist TPLF group doubled the risks of its unlawful evil deeds against the noncombatants of the Amhara and Afar states in the face of growing international silence.

Notwithstanding the terrorist group’s evil deeds, the international community and their servant rights groups have been turning a blind eye to the horrific acts. At the present juncture, by choosing silence, the self-confessed rights groups have confirmed their biased and unfairness.

In an act of elevated pressure, the vanishing TPLF terrorist group has been partaking in butchering thousands of civilians and displacing millions. Dejectedly, from Mai Kadra to Galicoma, the terrorist group managed to claim the lives of innocent people.

The massacre was able to break the hearts of each and every one at home and abroad though the world continued turning a deaf ear to the honest truth. Even worse, the terrorist group carried out house-to-house attacks slaughtering many identified as ethnic Amhara. Sadly, apart from slaughtering hundreds of people, the terrorist TPLF group was able to whip them with wire brushes and lancinating them with daggers, blades and hatchets.

But the ghastly assassination of noncombatants in Mai Kadra by the terrorist ground drew not an adequate amount of criticism from the international community that has been playing a double-standard role. More often than not while putting prejudicial pressure against the federal government in accordance with fabricated allegations, the international community defended the terrorist group. This being the case, the terrorist group is involving itself in doing more harm against Ethiopians.

In the same manner, as the terrorist TPLF group is widely known for spreading incorrect information working unison with some international media outlets, reaching out the proper information to the international community has been turning out to be like getting blood from stone.

Regarding the TPLF’s deliberate destructions of the economic foundations of the people in North Wollo and Gondar of the Amhara region, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia issued a statement.

The statement stressed that TPLF has continued with its dangerous attempt of holding on to political power by subjecting people to fear and want. The sheer number of people still under a safety net program in Tigray, despite its leadership of the country for the last 27 years, is a demonstration of its utter disregard for the welfare of the people of Tigray.

“In areas of North Gondar and Wollo that the group has invaded by rejecting the Unilateral Humanitarian Ceasefire of the Government, the TPLF has proved, once again, of its enmity to the Amhara people.”

Reports from occupied North Wollo and Gondar adjacent areas indicate that the TPLF is intent on devastating the economic lives of many households. As farmers in occupied territories recently reported, the terrorist TPLF soldiers and their co-opted peasant followers are stealing ready harvest, it added.

What is worse is that the TPLF soldiers already having consumed the stockpiled food of farmers in occupied areas have destroyed the rest. The terrorist group did not even spare food-aid warehouses and forcibly taking distributed assistance from recipients in these areas. The livelihood of farmers in Ethiopia is highly dependent on livestock for food, farming, and biofuel. Sadly, these also have not been spared from the destructive actions of the TPLF.

The statement further reads that the destruction of the lives of people also goes beyond individuals, but communities as a whole. In many places, the group did not spare Day Care centers, schools and colleges, banks, health centers, hotels, and other institutions. The ongoing Awash Woldia / Hara Gebeya railway project has unfortunately been targeted by this irresponsible group.

These deeds of the TPLF will not contribute to the advancement of the people of Tigray but rather foster hostility and resentment between the people of Amhara and Tigray. The atrocities the TPLF has committed and still is committing in Wollo and Gondar could only be explained as a last-ditch attempt to stay politically relevant.

“The government of Ethiopia calls upon the international community to give due attention to the plight and needs of the people in north Wollo and Gondar, as part of its repeated request for accelerated provision of humanitarian assistance to those affected by these acts of the TPLF in all the areas currently under occupation.”

To the surprise of everyone, notwithstanding the fact that the government of Ethiopia has been making every effort to acquaint the international community with the whole lot going on across the country, the UN has been giving the cold shoulder to the truth from time to time taking sides with the terrorist TPLF group.

By way of illustration, the UN recently imposed ‘administrative leave’ on Maureen Achieng, the International Organization for Migration’s Chief of Mission to Ethiopia and Representative to African Union (AU) and UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), for exposing ‘UN team of Tedros Adhanom and revealed UN’s pro-terrorist TPLF group schemes.

Last week, multiple leaked audio surfaced online of Maureen in the recordings, she confirmed that the ‘UN team of Tedros Adhanom’ has sidelined the UN office here in Addis violating the organization’s humanitarian intervention scale-up protocols in the Tigray State of Ethiopia. According to the audio, some senior UN officials with the connivance of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom (Ph.D.) managed to replace the UN Resident Coordinator and enabled to breach the scale-up protocols.

In her tweeted message, Press Secretary of the Office of the Prime Minister Billene Seyoum stated that the “administrative leave” imposed on IOM’s Maureen Achieng for telling the unvarnished truth on institutional bias within the UN system and in relation to the terrorist TPLF’s criminality is deeply disturbing.

It is to be recalled that previously, on the topic of the atrocities of the terrorist group, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia issued a statement calling on the international community to stop listening to TPLF’s unsubstantiated claims exploiting the humanitarian situation to advance its political interests. The statement detailed improved practices that would facilitate the humanitarian process. The statement also narrates the atrocities in Afar and Amhara regions made by the TPLF and called on the international community to condemn the criminal group and support affected people.

It has been reported that, in Chena T/haimanot Kebele of Debat Woreda, the terrorist TPLF is confirmed to have committed atrocities on an estimated 200 innocent civilians. Figures may change after the investigation of the established committee. These retaliatory attacks are committed by TPLF as they have suffered great losses being routed of Afar and Amhara regions. The Chena massacre is an extension of the Maikadra massacre committed by TPLF’s ‘Samri’ group targeting over 1,000 ethnic Amhara civilians, indicated the Office of the Prime Minister.

The Ethiopian   Herald October 14/2021

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