The UN should serve poor communities not its officials

There have been growing calls for the World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom to relinquish from his post for grave misconduct and violation of the UN charter. Some critics even called on the UN to fire the Director-General arguing Dr. Tedross has been using his position to support his cliques in the TPLF. Dr. Tedros has been taking sides about the situation in Tigray, accused of exploiting the UN’s banner for giving inaccurate information to the media and the international community.

In leaked audio, some UN whistleblowers also said that the Director also bypassed UN protocols to meet his interests and accuse the UN health agency of being hijacked by the interest of its head. WHO is not the only UN organ that has been accused of fanning misinformation against Ethiopia. Lately, the Ethiopian government expelled seven UN officials for misconduct and breach of the UN Charter, and meddling in the internal affairs of the country.

The expelled individuals were engaged in transferring communication equipment, diverting aid to the terrorist TPLF group while giving misleading information to the media. At the heart of the allegations of UN’s wrongdoings is the WHO. The Organization has been drawing sharp condemnation for spreading false information and taking part in illegal activities. The accusation includes overblown reports of people in need of humanitarian aid in Tigray state and bypassing communication channels of the UN. In general, the organization has been trying to suppress the hard facts on the grounds of omission or commission.

The very principles of the UN are helping the poor and affected community not serving the interest of few individuals. The UN should reassess the way it conducts its activities in Ethiopia and needs to take Ethiopia’s claim seriously as a member state. The misconducts can erode the integrity and trust of the international bloc unless it takes swift and stiff measures against those individuals who are tarnishing its images.

The recent move by the UN to put two of its senior officials in Ethiopia is also another disturbing move as many described it. This ill practice further corroborates Ethiopia’s claim against the organization and lifts the lead on the rumors of biased and unfair practices. The suspensions of the two officials have become the wrongdoings that prevailed in the organization. Ethiopia reiterates time and time that it would continue providing unrestricted access for the organization to help the affected community. It welcomes the efforts of humanitarian agencies to provide the most needed humanitarian aid to the people most in need. But, it also strongly rejects any attempt to infringe with its internal affairs in the name of humanitarianism.


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