AU needs to live up to its name to buckle not under Westerns’ pressure

This is a time of temptation for Ethiopia and its people passing through hardship due to the pressure imposed from the western countries and institutions, especially from US, EU and the UN coupled with the internal conflicts and instabilities. This pressure targeting the not-colonized state serves the westerns as a gateway to extend their neo-colonial interest to the rest of African countries.

Although connivers raise issues about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the law enforcement operation in Tigray and humanitarian assistance, their hidden intention is to establish a puppet leadership in Ethiopia.

Despite the hard fact that Ethiopia has been striving for inclusive change, the intention of these countries which stand and plot against its development trajectory is to hinder the country from being prosperous and isolate it.

Ethiopia might not be the only country to be targeted in this regard. Every African country, that strives to secure its sovereignty and become politically and economically independent, with no doubt, will suffer the same pressure at any time.

Cognizant to this reality, it is the time for African countries, under the umbrella of their continental organization, African Union (AU), to build robust and politically and economically independent continent. The Union, thus, must repeat the success it gained when decolonizing its member countries as an Organization of African Union (OAU), in the economic arena.

Economic liberalization necessitates consolidated Intra-African trade which leads to the creation of a single African market of over a billion consumers with a total GDP of over USD 3 trillion. On top of making Africa economically independent, this will make it the largest free trade area in the world.

However, the reality on the ground indicates that total trade from Africa to the rest of the world exceeds the Intra-African trade. The share of exports from Africa to the rest of the world ranged from 80 percent to 90 percent in 2000–2017. Intra-African exports, however, were only 16.6 percent during the same period.

This trade imbalance must be reversed via strengthening Intra-African trade that can serve as a tool to withstand the external pressure. Doing so, African countries can keep away interference of other countries especially of some western ones.

Western countries are well aware that it is difficult to ride united Africa as a Troy Horse. That is why they are imposing pressure unilaterally. They leave no stone unturned to drawback Africa from political and economic independence and unity. Being exposed to such improper pressure, Ethiopia is a good example in this regard. It is under direct attack of this plot at the moment.

Though it is among the hardest times for Ethiopia, this pressure provides good opportunity for the rest of African countries to stand by Ethiopia in unison. It is not only for the sake of Ethiopia, but to defend their common enemy, neo-colonialism, and the conference underway by African Foreign Ministers, at the Head Quarter in Addis Ababa is a relevant forum to show their close alliance to Ethiopia.

It must be crystal clear to all African countries that no one of them enjoy special friendship of the western unless they serve the latter’s ill interest against the continent. Being cautious of the plot, Africans have to stand as one person under their continental organization to defend similar pressure ahead of becoming the next victim and AU has to live up to its name in connecting its member countries economically during this critical time.

The Ethiopian Herald October 16/2021

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