No more fishing in troubled waters immersing others in deep water

Divide and conquer was the strategy slave masters, colonizers and neocolonialism mongers were leaning on to sponge on weak countries which were incapable either to question subtle impositions or defend undue interferences.

In a show of arrogance, changing masks, still predators are salivating to siphon the resources of weak nations and to subdue them for geopolitical advantage unmindful of developing nations’ aspirations to break away from fettering poverty. When it comes to own country they espouse the motto ‘United we stand divided we fall”.

But making 180 degree turn they drive divisive wedges along ethnic and religious lines to render would-be preys defenseless.

What makes this mean bent revolting is that in sharp contrast to the ideals of humanitarian aid and development partnership hypocrite westerners carryout their heinous agenda upholding the cherished and flawless ideals as a façade on the global arena.

The unjustified interference by US, EU and other western powers in East Africa and particularly in Ethiopia is nothing but fishing in troubled water as it aims at achieving political objective destabilizing the region (putting it in deep water).

Shuddered by the win-win relation China is striving to forge with African countries and before their eyes it is taking the genuine partnership to a tee they vigilantly act to sour the relationship. That is why westerners detest leaders that uphold national interest, love their people and envisage continental growth. Here it suffices to mention Thomas Sankara.

Double standard characterizes gluttonous Westerners. When their Trojan-horse leaders are due to lose power they cry foul but when citizens’-champion leaders come to the power pedestal they sniff a foul play as predators see things through the prism of own selfish motive. In so far as their self-seeking interest is ensured the physiologically-zombie Western leaders go a step out of their way to see a disintegrated country—Ethiopia —and a disunited continent—Africa. That is why the clicking of African nations proves a pain in the neck to them. They abhor the support these countries extend one to another.

It is the constant dream of westerners to leech on the resources of bountiful Africa creating nonstop conflicts here and there as well as stripping it of leaders of integrity. They adore leaders that execute their dictates to the letter with alacrity. They are smart enough in handpicking such leaders and walk the marionettes through the political lane to leadership adulterated by corruption and tyranny to latter use such gadgets to their hearts’ content.

Due to the aforementioned reasons the chemistry of African nations makes them jump out of their skins and haunts them as a nightmare—the denial of imperialist entitlements.

The accretion motto Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Ph.D) came up with three years back stresses the need for African countries to espouse standing united for common benefit. To this effect and also to regional prosperity and tranquility, he has reached on a cooperation consensus with Eritrea and Somalia. No doubt, if this motto putting down roots in the region fructifies, it will elbow its ways to the rest of Africa leading the way to continental prosperity.

But to hijack the push to prosperity westerners are conspiring to cripple Ethiopia, the springboard to the envisaged objective and the beacon of independence.

Fortunately however the sagacious leaders of the three countries who saw through the sanctimonious masks of westerner are in the level of awareness not to fall prey to the ruse of the impish. Presumably, most leaders of the continent second their clicking.

If Africans stay united rosy will be the future for the continent bleak otherwise. Predators are lurking to come back. They are stalking one prey after another. Let us deter them united! Luckily there are superpowers like Russia and Turkey displaying integrity in upholding the truth.

The Ethiopian Herald October 17/2021

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