The nine fatal miscalculations of the Terrorist TPLF


Terrorist TPLF is a historical error in Ethiopian politics. This organization which was an offshoot of the student movement and narrow nationalists has never had a solid political ideology. Terrorist TPLF designed its political manifesto on hatred, anger and revenge and biases on the people of Ethiopia.

Current and future leaders of this country need to learn a lot from the mistakes committed by the terrorist TPLF. Besides, hopefully, current ethnic based politicians and self-styled gurus on Ethiopian political history will recheck their views on the current realities on the Horn of Africa and the continent at large.

It must be clear to every Ethiopian that terrorist TPLF is not alone in its mission to destroy Ethiopia and turn the Horn of Africa into a reign of terror. The western powers are eying a cause for some kind of interference into the internal affairs of the countries of the Horn of Africa wishing to implement the same tactics they have employed in Libya, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan. They are craving to dominate the region and contain political developments in the region as part of their global strategy of destabilizing Africa to make the continent unfit for any kind of socio-economic development.

Terrorist TPLF made several miscalculations for which it is already paying a price. First , although it has been hoped that the 6th National Election in the country will end up and that the terrorist organization will control Addis Ababa in a single week the people of Ethiopia remained united in repulsing the terrorist aggression with no regard to any level of ethnic configuration.

Second, the terrorist organization wrongly underestimated the capacity of the armed forces of Ethiopia in regrouping itself and conducting training for hundreds of thousands of patriotic youth to defend their country from local and external aggression.

Third, the terrorist organization totally underestimated the influence that Ethiopia has in the AU and the UN and its capacity to conduct aggressive diplomacy which has so far enabled it to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

Fourth, terrorist TPLF took the unilateral ceasefire declared by the government of Ethiopia as a source of weakness and underestimated the capacity of the Ethiopian Defense Forces to ascertain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

 Fifth, terrorist TPLF heavily depended on its doctrine of misinformation that we quoted by western media but did nothing to address the needs of the population in the region but in fact, prevented the smooth flow of relief aid to the needy population in the region. It was never able to function as a regional government in the absence of basic service delivery systems like telephone, e-mail and other IT services, banks and other financial services and a budget to run the regional government.

Six, In its entire life history, TPLF has never practised collective leadership and was always dominated by the military wing of the organization which in most cases was short-sighted in assessing internal and external political developments and was led by an outdated political ideology of what it called “revolutionary democracy” which was neither revolutionary nor democratic.

Seventh, over the last 27 years of its rule in Ethiopia, terrorist TPLF used the EPRDF and what it called support political organizations only to address the needs of the terrorist leaders without even addressing the basic needs of the people of Tigray.

Eights, this organization is currently considering the people of Ethiopia and the national army as  “The enemy” but still tries to call for a negotiation simply to buy time and reorganizing for other terrorist acts on the people of Ethiopia. It cannot negotiate with a government which it has not recognized as the ruler of the country.

The damage that terrorist TPLF and the lives it has killed has already put a permanent memory in the minds of the people of Ethiopia and would not be forgotten for ages. Removing terrorist TPLF from Tigray will not help to heal the wounds that this terrorist organization has created.

Ninth, terrorist TPLF managed to deceive and mislead some countries in the western hemisphere through its propaganda machinery but failed to achieve anything in this regard. It tried to balkanize the country by creating puppet armed organizations to ensure its hegemony on the people of Ethiopia but already failed to do so, The future is bleak for terrorist TPLF but the legacy it left on the political order in Ethiopia will be remembered as a period of internal challenge on the unity of the people of Ethiopia.

 Editor’s Note: The views entertained in this article do not necessarily reflect the stance of The Ethiopian Herald

The Ethiopian Herald October 17/2021

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