Discharging dual responsibility

Needless to state, internal intrigues and external pressures are these days challenging Ethiopia’s journey towards the pinnacle of growth and renaissance. To successfully avert this scenario, Ethiopia and Ethiopians have continued intensifying double march-making Ethiopia economically independent and powerful through mounting homegrown economy and promoting its territorial integrity via burying elements who would like to dismantle it far.

Yes, passing through multifaceted challenges has so far been witnessed helping Ethiopia stay strong and remain tranquil under multidirectional pressures. The very weapon Ethiopia has now been employing to be triumphant over all internal and external irregularities is consolidating citizens’ unity and fraternity as this means has been attested fruitful.

Ethiopia has right now been working to quickly respond to the quest of revamping national economy through getting homegrown economy advanced and renewing diplomatic strides with those who want to see its progress and overall change. A number of steps have been trekked and well devised to make the country peaceful and self-reliance though many more assignments are to be dealt with.

As Ethiopia all the time seeks to move towards setting up independent institutions to achieve full realization of the intended outcomes of wits, it is creating sustainable shifts in the mindsets and behaviors of a wide range of elected representatives. This step helps bring about comprehensive economic, social and even political advancement.

Not only has Ethiopia capitalized on empowering executives’ power to serve citizens’ interest as required but is has also well focused on demolishing anti peace elements who have concluded marriage with internal and external enemies of the country to prettily compromise its sovereignty and even its existence. The successful law enforcement operation underway at all fronts is a living proof along this line.

Thanks to the determined administration and patriotic citizens from all directions of the world, the promising stride Ethiopia has now been through is well underway. It is also an implication of Ethiopia’s and its sons and daughters comprehensive commitment for the success of transformational change in all aspects thereby declaring true renaissance.

Incontrovertibly, challenges are inevitable. What matters here is the commitment of citizens of a given nation and its people determination to convert threats into golden opportunities. This is what has really happened in Ethiopia. The move towards promoting home grown economy to help citizens, companies, investments and all concerned beef up with greater speed and effectiveness will with no doubt enables Ethiopia to be triumphant over all hurdles emanating from economic issues. Equally, country’s march against perfidies is also worth appreciating.

As Ethiopians have these days believed that challenges and ups and downs have provided them with courage and strength to assert independence and expedient the way out of the bottlenecks they find themselves in, no earthly power will hold them back.

The country and its citizens, especially at this critical time when internal and external pressures are rife, are determined to fight against enemies sharpening two swords; working day in and day out to avoid the shackles of poverty and dependency through reinvigorating homegrown economy on the one hand and intensifying law enforcement operation in a bid to make serenity prevail and territorial integrity intact on the other.

All in all, Ethiopians from every nook and cranny of the world are working to get Ethiopia voice heard loud and fighting against all anti-Ethiopia elements in all aspects to uphold Ethiopia’s sovereignty and national integrity. Converting challenges into opportunities is an underlined scheme for all Ethiopians to successfully pass the multidirectional tests the country is at present encountering. Ethiopia prevails!

The Ethiopian Herald October 19/2021

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