Terrorist TPLF massacres civilians, demolishes homes: The New Humanitarian


ADDIS ABABA – Terrorist TPLF has targeted civilians and their homes in the villages of Chenna Teklehaymanot and Nefas Mewcha, Amhara region, so claimed The New Humanitarian.

The new humanitarian stated that though the Ethiopian government has recurrently told the international community that the terrorist TPLF wagged war and committed war crimes as it targets civilians, beasts and even crops as well as recruited child soldiers, the latter has turned deaf ear and a blind eye. The new humanitarian also witnessed the terrorist TPLF’s has been attempting to annihilate the Amhara region this time.

Working for The New Humanitarian, freelancer Maria Gerth-Niculescu recounted that residents in the village of Chenna Teklehaymanot said the junta group committed atrocities. One of the eye witnesses, Priest Mengistu, stated that he had lived for four days without food when the village had been under the control of the terrorist group. He said, “At first, they told us they wouldn’t kill us, but when they knew they were defeated they started massacring as they left the village.”

According to the article, the journalist mentioned that government officials claimed that 120 people were killed. Half a million people have been uprooted in the Amhara region and tens of thousands have also been displaced in Afar since the terrorists arrived. The village of “Chenna Teklehaymanot” was completely deserted”, as The New Humanitarian stated.

Earlier, the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire to let the farmers plough because that was the time to plough farm land. However, the infamous terrorist group, TPLF, took advantage of the incidence to attack innocents and animals as to The New Humanitarian. Baye Girma, a father-of-five from Chenna Teklehaymanot, told The New Humanitarian that the terrorist committed atrocities not only on human beings, it also did upon chickens, sheep, goats, and beasts and even on plants.

A woman from the village of Nefas Mewcha told The New Humanitarian that her husband was killed by the terrorist TPLF, and she and her children were entirely dependent on the breadwinner, her husband. The article also mentioned that the terrorist TPLF targeted civilians in Kobo. As a result, many villagers moved 170km away from their place of origin to the town of Dessie.

The Ethiopian Herald October 19/2021

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