Some western media blindly propagate terrorist TPLF’s propaganda


ADDIS ABABA- Despite concrete proofs that show the recent airstrikes have been taken seriously targeting TPLF military armaments by Ethiopian air forces, CNN, New York Times and AP have been reporting stories in favour of the TPLF rebels, said CBS Journalist Hermela Aregawi.

She pointed out in her three minute long YouTube post that this week airstrikes by Ethiopian government have not targeted civilians at all .

Hermela, however, said TPLF’s mouthpieces and activists saying the airstrike targeting the civilians.

 She further said : “ CNN, New York Times or AP have been reporting the same stories of the rebel groups ignoring facts , because they have proven to be mouthpieces for the rebel groups . It seems their aim is to support the rebel group in overthrowing the Ethiopian government.”

It is also important to know about some UN officials are proven to be a mixed bag in terms of credibility. There is a good one and there are those who have proven to be rebel allies how to redirect humanitarian aid to war, she noted.

‘A war struggled by the TPLF rebel while many of us have been calling for peace when the Federal government declared Unilateral Ceasefire in June.”

But, the rebels kept fighting killing thousands in neighboring states since July according to BBC report.

Hermela said that : “ Mekelle is Ethiopia’s Tigray state capital city, if the Ethiopian air force targeting the civilians, thousands will be killed. It is clear by the numbers given even by the rebels TV outlets themselves Ethiopian government is not targeting the civilian.”

Many international outlets particularly CNN, New York Times and the AP are getting it wrong when it comes to their reporting on Ethiopia. They seem to favour armed rebels who are working to overthrow the popular Ethiopian government ,it was learnt.

The Ethiopian Herald October 24/2021

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