Some UN officials continuing to interfere with Ethiopia’s internal affairs

ADDIS ABABA – Some officials of United Nations (UN) are shamefully continuing to interfere with the internal affairs of Ethiopia, so said Mukerem Miftah (PhD), Policy Study Lecturer at Civil Service University.

In an interview with Tigray Media House, terrorist TPLF’s mouthpiece Getachew Reda stated that, “While talking on the phone with a high-level UN official, he said that ‘Why donot the army generals come together and overthrow Abiy Ahmed from power?’”

Regarding the aforesaid issue and other related issues that are indicative of UN’s biased practices, The Ethiopian Herald approached Mukerem Miftah (PhD), Policy Study Lecturer at Ethiopian Civil Service University.

 Mukerem said that UN’s stance regarding Ethiopia’s law enforcement operation is biased towards the terrorist TPLF and it does not take into account the reality on the ground. “There is much evidence to support this,” he added.

He restated that the United Nations was established with the aim of maintaining of international peace and security, promoting of the well-being of the peoples of the world, and international cooperation to these ends.

He also noted that it is difficult to say that the UN, since its inception, has been serving countries of the world in a fair and impartial manner with a global structure.

He further explained that, since the 1990’s, conflicts have erupted in Bosnia, Kashmir, Rwanda, Palestine, and elsewhere. As a result of these conflicts, large numbers of people around the world have died, he added.

“But the UN has done nothing to stop these conflicts and save lives other than issuing statements,” he indicated.

In general, the UN has not been successful in the past in promoting world peace and stability, he said, adding that, not only being ineffective, the UN is under the influence of superpowers and its decisions are in favor of a few world superpowers.

The organization has problems in making the stance of a few influential countries the right political decision and stance of the world, as to him.

He further noted that foreign powers are exerting undue pressure on the current Ethiopian government because of its commitment to protect Ethiopia’s national interest unlike the previous TPLF-led EPRDF government.

The main aim of Westerners including the U.S. is weakening emerging countries and looting their resources, they do not have partnership mentality or win-win strategy he opined.

He urged that the government must work to increase its acceptance by the general public. The Ethiopian government should strengthen its relationship with the general public, leaders of opposition political parties, scholars, religious fathers, and opinion leaders to thwart the conspiracies of the foreign forces and resist their undue pressure, he added.


The Ethiopian herald October 30/2021

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