Terrorist TPLF’s cruelty from northern command betrayal to Kombolcha massacre

Something unexpected yet horrific act came to happen in the early morning of 4 November 2020 in Tigray State. The thing was, the terrorist TPLF group attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian National Defense Force that had been stationed in the region for more than two decades.

Regretfully, the premeditated and treasonous act of the terrorist group ended up causing unimaginable human suffering and material damage not only to the command but also to the nation. Sad as it may sound, the northern command of the Ethiopian National Forces had been standing by the side of the people of Tigray during harvesting season and in other social activities with the purpose of changing the lives of the people.

To everyone’s dismay, by demonstrating extreme cruelty and unparalleled treachery, the terrorist TPLF turned its back on the Northern Command and claimed their lives. In actual fact, the envisioned target of the terrorist TPLF group was to put an end to the capability of the army and come to power though the group failed to turn its vision into reality.

Following the evil deeds of the terrorist TPLF, the Ethiopian National Defense Forces embarked on undertaking law enforcement operations with a view to bringing the perpetrators of the grave crime to justice, installing legitimate administration, and naturalizing more threats.

Prior to attacking the Northern Command of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces, the terrorist group was persistently backing and training its cliques and agents residing all over the country with the purpose of pouring cold water on the democratic transition of the country. In addition to getting themselves involved in the dreadful crimes that took part in several parts of the country, the terrorist group was busy moving the country into uncharted territory.

Even though the terrorist TPLF officials pulled out all the stops to sow the seeds of hatred and discord among the various Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples of Ethiopia and dismantle the country by attacking its army, Ethiopians have shown their solidarity in the law enforcement operation.

In the same way, the various Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples of Ethiopia have proved wrong the terrorist TPLF officials’ attitude towards Ethiopians by fighting in the war together. The terrorist group attacked the Northern Command of the National Defense Forces thinking that it would come to power in the shortest time possible. However, through the combined efforts of Ethiopians, the terrorist group’s effort went for nothing in the shortest possible time.

After the successful law enforcement operation that brought some of the clique’s members to justice and killed the top orchestrators of the group, the federal government declared a humanitarian unilateral ceasefire.

It is to be remembered that the Tigray Provisional Administration requested the Federal government to approve a humanitarian ceasefire. Reasoning from this fact, taking a number of problems surfacing in the region into account, the government of Ethiopia reached a decision.

To the surprise of everyone, the terrorist group continues carrying out an attack on civilians residing in Afar and Amhara regions by invading some areas.

As if its crimes were not enough in Mai Kadra, the group mercilessly killed thousands of people and displaced millions of communities by expanding its incursions to Amhara and Afar states.

Aside from holding the Tigray people captive, the terrorist TPLF group has been committing mayhems with impunity in the Amhara and Afar states. As usual, the group has been partaking in perplexing the international community bringing a wide variety of strategies into play. Dejectedly, as the international community remains tightlipped in the face of continued terrorist TPLF’s atrocities, the group has been intensifying the stakes of its criminal behavior against civilians residing in Amhara and Afar states.

From Chena to Galicoma, the vanishing terrorist TPLF group has been engaging itself in exterminating thousands of civilians leaving millions displaced. The group has been carrying out house-to-house attacks slaughtering many identified as ethnic Amhara. Some of them were whipped with wire brushes and lancinated with daggers, blades, and hatches. The terrorist group has been largely engaged in extreme looting and property destruction.

The terrorists have continued deploying children, women, elderly people, and the war-disabled ones in front lines in Amhara State of North Wollo and Ambassel as well as in the Afar State of Chifra.

Continuing its atrocities, the group committed massacres in Dessie and Kombolcha recently. On Monday, the Government Communication Service (GCS) disclosed that infiltrators of terrorist TPLF groups have massacred over 100 youth brutally in Kombolcha town.

GCS Minister Legesse Tulu (Ph.D.) stated that the infiltrators carried out the vicious act last Sunday night in Kombolcha town of Amhara State.

In towns like Kombolcha and Dessie, the terrorist TPLF groups have sent infiltrators to loot and damage public and private property. Warning those who are working in connivance with the terrorist TPLF group to refrain from their evil deeds, GCS called on some individuals that have been actively peddling disinformation on social media.

As the fight for sovereignty and unity continues against the treasonous group, Ethiopians are preparing to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the attack against the northern command of the Ethiopian army.

State Minister for Communication Services, Kebede Desisa lately said that November 4 is one of the darkest days in Ethiopian history, will be commemorated on Wednesday under the theme, “I will not forget the day. I am part of the Ethiopian National Defense Force.” The intended target of the program is to commemorate the sacrifices made by the soldiers of the National Army and the contribution of Ethiopian people who defended the sovereignty of the nation.

It is to be recalled that the attack in the northern command of Ethiopian Defense Forces was part of the group’s evil plan to tear the country apart. According to a document obtained recently, the group has since also been engaging in similar plots to disintegrate the nation.

In his interview with local media, Gen. Zelalem Mengistie, Deputy Commissioner and Crime Investigation Bureau Head at the Federal Police Commission said, “The document organized by the terrorist TPLF itself has indicated how they are engaging in assisting all terrorists. They have mapped where and when they could terrorize the people. They were pretending that they are for peace and blamed others. But, all atrocities committed in several areas have been orchestrated by TPLF,” he said.

“Many of the TPLF members have also accumulated millions and billions of wealth through illegal trading and contraband. Most of them had nothing. Even ships and flights were abused for their interest. Besides, flags of other countries were employed to execute their missions,” he added.



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