Reckless endangerment

When it comes to enjoying international recognition, Ethiopia is on the right track of putting in place infrastructural projects and encouraging public investment. The government has attached due attention to infrastructural development.

For instance the government had outlaid a huge finance for the construction of highway roads, railways, airspaces and air terminals. It strives to create an open market as well as accelerate market linkages and people connectivity.

Having transportation services in the absence of solid highway and asphalt roads, attempting to build the country’s cities as metropolitan and trying to attract tourists and investors could but be a pipe dream. The cities seem infested by illicit trade dealers, street vendors, emigrants, smugglers and contrabandists, morally and lawfully wrong pedestrians.

Supposedly, there is no moral right and wrong when the pedestrians cross the highway road. Creating awareness and public mobilization in the sphere of traffic law and regulation for the segment groups of the car drivers and pedestrians, could be helpful towards reducing the escalating rate of car accidents, death tolls, mayhem and destruction of properties.

Illegally crossing the highway roads is not an unusual phenomenon especially, in the capital city of the country. Such reckless endangerment must be contained. Driving car in the main cities of the country is seen turning into a deployment in a new operation in the battlefield.

The Ethiopian Herald June 23/2019


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