Out of the box mentality

Stereotype thinking brings destruction and mars the lives of the human society. Do not judge a book by its cover could be taken another word for this saying. Stereotype thinking may lead us to have illusionary and delusional perceptions. Then it wields influence on us to take the wrong track of hostility.

Discriminatory bents, racism and herd mentality are some of the root causes of glittering generalities and hatred feelings. The Holy book also says, “Do not judge!”

Narrowing one’s mind without looking for various dimensions is confining one’s mindset and hurdles to search for alternative solutions at the time of difficult situation.

It is also a hindrance not to have a clear thinking. It is also never allowed for one to see things out of the box perspective. The saying “All humans are equal” amplifies the existence of human species. Likewise, it is much better to treat mankind regardless of ethnicity, race, gender and religious backgrounds.

It is favorable to categorize any human being based upon his/her attitudinal and characteristics feedbacks. It is a wrong assumption to conclude that such type of segment group is doing something good to get a return. ”We “and “they” mentality has never given space and a comfort zone for the existence of human society. Presumably, thinking as a member of a global citizen gives one optional chances to heal oneself from anxiety and frustration. It allows people to enjoy personal freedom.

 (A foreigner at Epiphany held in Jan Meda reaching out congregants with Holy water.)

The Ethiopian Herald June 30, 2019


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