Nothing comes out of a vacuum

Purification is taken as state of the mind’s art which enables people to strive hard to scrutinize and filter-out rubbish and mumbo-jumbo staffs from the mind state. Though expecting perfection in the imperfect world may sound foolish, subduing trivial desires could lead someone towards the tunnel of enlightenment and righteousness.

Having inside-outside psychological makeup helps a lot to find somebody’s endpoint and its surroundings.

To achieve mindfulness and virtuosity, one has to pass through challenges and temptations. Nothing comes out of a vacuum saying reshuffles the attitudinal figure of dumbing and distracting ideas.

Virtual citizens usually stand firm to manage any circumstance on the footsteps of others to manage any deteriorating circumstances that have damages potentiality on humanity at large. Realizing humanitarian mission cannot be actualized in the framework of abiding with a set of legitimate rules.

Good- will and sticking with a sense of mannerism and morality cores are the springboards to absentee members of the community from man- made and natural disasters.

Planting trees, without having a sense of “nature love”, is a short cut to moral decadence and self-deception. Felling trees is a life course burden and nightmare to extended one’s life span.

The Ethiopian Herald Sunday Edition 28 July 2019


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