Human’s best friend

Indeed human’s best friend! This dog deserves all the participation trophies from the green legacy initiative. The instinctive nature of a dog has compelled it to plant trees spontaneously for the furtherance of human and animals’ species.

The dog is seen planting the trees without getting return of saliva gratification as per Pavlov’s theory.

It is not to the dictates of expectancy theory the dog dug the ground to plant a tree seedling.

The dog looks alacritous to plant a sapling watching the noble act of human beings’ tree transplantation practice.

There is no doubt that the dog has a close and friendly relation with humans regarding reciprocal gains. Unless the dog owner leaves the dog alone and kicks it out of home, fidelity is kept in the instinctive soul of the dog’s empire.

Loyalty is the best policy in bringing trust among the communities to sustain lasting friendship. The dog usually saves the life of its owner and owner’s property conventionally without having and expecting return.

Avoiding instinctive impulses are unthinkable from animals. But this dog planted tree unconditionally and motivational encouragement such as something to bite from the owner’s side.

The Ethiopian Herald Sunday Edition 11 August 2019


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