Reconnecting with friends, family , culture

Nobody denies the fact that Epiphany (Timket) is celebrated once a year colorfully all over the country by the faithful to commemorate the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River, by... Read more »

DBE, from bankruptcy to improved efficiency

Of late, Revenue, Budget and Finance Standing Committee of House of Peoples’ Representatives has visited Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) and overseen its activities as part of the committee’s entrust­ed responsibility. The... Read more »

US pledges technical support to Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia

ADDIS ABABA (XINHUA) – The United States has promised to provide technical assistance for Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia if they reached a deal regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), said a... Read more »

Ethiopian to Build New Africa’s Grand Airport

ADDISABABA (ENA)-In its quest to become Africa’s gateway into the world, the national flag carries Ethiopian Airlines set to build new massive airport this year with an outlay of 5 billion USD.... Read more »

Will the 2020s be the decade of Africa’s economic transformation?

Ethiopia’s remarkable record of economic growth and home-grown development path has inspired the whole continent of Africa. In reviewing the decade, a recent Financial Times article, Ethiopia seizes crown as the fastest-growing... Read more »

Keep walking:Time to get Geyed for our trees

My friend Duni had been to Europe for two years to study and get his master’s degree in anthropology. And now he is back with new outlooks about the world. In the... Read more »

Small talk

In ‘the good old days,’ small talk meant just that, small talk; the little and ‘harmless’ things in life that didn’t put you on either side of some fence. Sadly enough, things... Read more »

Wrong number

Your cellphone rings; you don’t know the number. “Hello!” “I want to speak to Almaz.” No greetings, not anything. It isn’t even a polite request. It sounds more like, “Hand the phone... Read more »

Authority that ‘muffled the press’

Dr. Getachew Dinku is the Director-General of the Ethiopian Broadcasting Authority (EBA). He knows journalism and journalistic practices like the palm of his hand. This is not definitely an exaggeration; Getachew has... Read more »

Ambassador highlights boosting Diasporas role in development

As was the case in the past, Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopians origin were not that interested to come to their motherland, but after the incumbent assumed the position, some of... Read more »