A peek into the south -Wolaita’s…

Sodo through Shashamane and other small villages. The vibe in Sodo was different. People were seen excited to welcome New Year which was a little late than Ethiopian New Year. Different form... Read more »

The Good Samaritan

There are moments of sorrow and happiness. Moments to love and moments to hate someone are not uncommon. Hating is a social deviant act; however, loving someone is a blessing. Whereas Kindness... Read more »

A peek in to the south -Wolaita’s New Year ‘Giffata’

A home for more than 63 ethnic groups and a country where more than 86 languages are spoken, it will not be a nationalistic bombast to claim that the diversity in Ethiopia... Read more »

Is our Business law becoming a paper tiger one?

Bringing into life modern and elephantine market centers is needed to get suppliers and demanders in one basket. The country is lagging behind in urbanized, robust and advanced giant market centers with... Read more »

The Chinese new lifestyles

 Rapid Economic growth brings political, cultural and historical development, social adjustment and civilization. Civilization also creates a new mode of life in all aspects of human survival. This reality characterizes the existing... Read more »

Aksumite coinage depict the Kingdom’s greatness

The Aksumite Kingdom that was there from 100 AD to 940 AD is one of the four ancient civilizations that ever flourished on the planet. The kingdom was robust politically, economically, culturally... Read more »

Qene Centers and Ecclesiastical Scholarship

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church (EOC) is one of the institutions that has long been using traditional education in the country.The EOC traditional schools serve as a cornerstone for the existence and furtherance... Read more »

The Curative Character of Mineral Water

As early as the 1920s, a Japanese archaeologist who came to survey the hot springs of Ethiopia described how heads of cattle in Ambo area submerged in the hot spring there to... Read more »

Traditional system according recognition to successful people in Gofa community

Liqo is practiced setting domestic animals especially heads of cattle as a salient parameter. In the nationality, when someone wants to be recognized by liqo, he should come up with a great... Read more »

When joining hands merciful hearts could do miracle

There are people who can do amazing things in this world. There are also some groups who can accomplish remarkable tasks. But, as people’s heart is very different as it is true... Read more »